Aquaman: Unite The Seven Poster: Finally Explained


 Way back in 2015, Warner Brothers released an Aquaman Poster for their upcoming film: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Moustache. At the time we had no idea of what this entailed, what the terrible MARTHA scene would do to our dreams or what the ‘Unite The Seven’ slogan that was emblazoned over the top […]

Journey – The Artistry of Game Design (Review/Analysis)

journey video game analysis

Journey – The Artistry of Game Design (Review/Analysis) by Imedias Rez To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Imedias Rez takes a look back at the Playstation exclusive Journey. The third game from developer Thatgamecompany (TGC) is unquestionably their masterpiece, but what makes it such a powerful gaming experience? What separates it from other video games, and how does […]

Silver Surfer Epic Collection: The Infinity Gauntlet Review

silver surfer epic collection infinity gauntlet review

Silver Surfer Epic Collection: The Infinity Gauntlet Review by Deffinition If you’ve been keeping up with my Infinity Gauntlet Readthrough then you’ll know that whilst I had trouble with the initial book: Avengers Vs Thanos, the rest of the series cemented the arc as unforgettable. A huge turning point in this was due to the […]

How It Ends: Ending Explained: Alternative Theory

how it ends ending explained by deffinition spoiler talk review and analysis of the netflix 2018 disaster movie part two alternative fan theory

 Recently I did a video discussing my theory on what caused the disasters in the new Netflix Original Film: How It Ends. I summarised that the cataclysm was due to a Volcanic Eruption from one of the two Super Volcano’s that exist in America and this explained how the Airplane had been downed and […]

How It Ends: Ending Explained

how it ends ending explained by deffinition spoiler talk review and analysis of the netflix 2018 disaster movie

How It Ends an an American Disaster film starring Theo James and Forest Whittaker. The story revolves around Will making his way back to his girlfriend with her father after a mysterious destructive force sweeps across the country. Throughout this article I will be discussing the film in full detail so obviously there will be […]

Top 8 Amazing Details You Missed In Infinity War

top 8 amazing details and easter eggs that you missed from infinity war fan theory and theories for avengers 4 endgame

Ten Years in the making, the reign of Thanos is finally upon us. Packed with comic references, callbacks to the prior films and little Easter Eggs that only hardcore fans will get, Infinity War delivers on a lot of levels. Even after several viewings of the movie there are still small tidbits that I notice […]

The Walking Dead Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars Review

the walking dead volume 3 safety behind bars review by deffinition

The Walking Dead Volumes 1 & 2 revived a rotten corpse and revitalised my interest in the franchise after the TV show put a bullet in it’s head. Packed with drama, action and endless gore, the series thus far has been incredible. But are things about to get worse for the group in more ways […]

Star Wars: Han Solo Review

star wars hans solo graphic novel review by deffinition as part of my marvel graphic novel read through

Han Solo is arguably one of Pop culture’s coolest characters. His rogue anti-hero persona has seen him rise through the ranks in popularity and if there’s a top ten list of badasses floating about the internet, chances are his name is on it. However, the character has often been criticised as being a side one […]

Ant-Man And The Wasp: Post Credit Scene Theory

ant man and the wasp post credits scene what happens breakdown and movie ending explained infinity war spoiler talk with thanos and avengers captain marvel theory

I recently did a video discussing the post credits scene of Ant-Man and The Wasp. Whilst it was predominantly speculation, since the film’s release it has been proven to be correct. Throughout this video I will be discussing my theory on where this leaves Ant-Man and what will happen in the future to correct the […]

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