Maniac (Netflix Original Series): Ending Explained Review

Maniac 2018 netflix show ending explained spoiler talk review by deffinition

 Maniac is a 2018 limited Netflix Series starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. The tv show has a lot to unpack and throughout this video, I will be discussing the shows ending and multiple reveals. There will be heavy spoilers so it may be worth skipping this video for now if you want to […]

New X-Men By Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection Book 1 TPB Review

The New Xmen Volume 1 Review and Analysis

New X-Men by Grant Morrison has a reputation that precedes it. Lauded by many as one of the best books about the Mutants, this storyline is often credited as one of the writer’s greatest works. However, Morrison can be hit or miss with some readers and throughout this review I will be giving my honest […]

Venom Post Credits Scene Leaked Information


 Post Credit Scenes are a staple of modern day comic book movies. It’s rare that we get a film without one and it appears that Venom will be no different. After a recent interview with Fandango, Director Ruben Fleischer stated that it would be a mistake to not stay through the credits of a […]

Spider-Man: Blue Review

Spiderman Blue Graphic Novel Review

If you’ve read my review of Batman: The Long Halloween, then you know it’s no secret that I absolutely adore Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. In my eyes, they’ve never put out a less than stellar book and the creative team are some of the best in the industry. Teaming up once more they continue […]

Doctor Strange: The Oath Review

Doctor Strange The Oath Review by Deffinition as part of the marvel read through

Doctor Strange has risen through the ranks in terms of stature steadily since his big screen debut in 2016. I absolutely loved the film adaptation and thought it stood strong as one of Marvel’s best movies. Piquing my interest in the character’s comic book counterparts I decided to go back and check out a book […]

Patient Zero: Ending Explained Review

Patient Zero Ending Explained review

Patient Zero is an action horror film set against the outbreak of a deadly virus that threatens to wipe out the human race. We follow a group of survivors as they desperately try to find a cure for the disease and watch as they are slowly torn apart by the new highly intelligent and ravenous creatures. […]

The Predator: Ending Explained Review And Possible Sequel Direction (2018 Movie)

the predator ending explained spoiler talk review

The Predator sees humanity face off against the intergalactic race of hunters once more. Directed by Shane Black, the franchise returns to its routes and possesses an ending that definitely needs dissecting. Throughout this video, I will be discussing the ending of The Predator as well as the film’s plot. There will be heavy spoilers and […]

Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath Review

infinity gauntlet aftermath review

Infinity Gauntlet was an incredible crossover event whose effects can still be felt in comics and film today. It broke the mold in several ways and was a joy to read. After wiping out half of life in the Universe, we watched the remaining heroes take down Thanos and return order to the Galaxy. It was […]

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