Batman Vengeance Of Bane Review By Deffinition

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Batman Vengeance Of Bane Review By Deffinition

The Fire Rises

Batman Vengeance of Bane introduces one of Batman’s more formidable villains, Bane. Coming in at Third Place for The Best Batman Villain in my ultimate Batman Fan Survey it’s clear he sits well with readers. I’ve read this book before and absolutely loved it so I’m very hyped to jump in and get started with the Knightfall arc.
Let’s begin.

Bane Begins

The book begins with Bane’s birth. After a failed Coup Bane’s heavily pregnant mother is sentenced to rot in the Santa Prisca prison, Pena Duro, which translates to Hard Stone. This is a merciless place, where only the strongest survive and from the off it feels like a death sentence.
Even though he is only a child, Bane inherits the sins of his father and is sentenced to carry out his punishment within the jail.
His mother quickly dies and soon after Bane is sent into general prison population. The boy is no more and he is quickly forced to become an adult in order to last within the walls. One could say that the child died along with his mother and what was left was a beast of a man. Fearless, driven and a god among men.
From the off Chuck Dixon gets us invested in the character by painting a grim reality in which not many could survive. This makes the villain endearing and truly allows us to side with him. He is a hero in this story and it’s no wonder that the character went on to become so popular.

Bane Trapped In prison

The Well

After committing his first murder within the prison Bane is sent to the well. An uncompromising punishment.
Placed in a pit that every night fills with water as the tide roles in, Bane becomes more than a man. He endures the punishment for tens years and builds his strength, becoming a legend upon release.
With everyone looking up to him Bane quickly gathers followers, one being the character Bird. Whether this is meant to be a play upon the side kick Robin I am unsure but it’s clear that the villain has many similarities to the Dark Knight.
Upon hearing of Batman, a fire is ignited within Bane and this obsession drives his quest for knowledge as well as escape.
I love the way that Dixon depicts Bane’s rise, he is invincible to his legion and as a reader I too can envision why so many would follow him. This was crucial in creating a character that could defeat Batman. We need to be there from his inception and he has to become as unstoppable in our minds as he is in the Caped Crusader.


Upon realising just how powerful Bane is The Warden submits him for testing of the drug Venom. If you are familiar with the canon thus far you will recognise it from the titular Batman Story Venom by Dennis O’Neil. I really admired this call back and it helps to cement Bane as more dangerous due to his ability to survive it’s potency…something which Batman could not.
Bane is now the perfect man.
Upon causing his own vital signs to drop, he is thought dead and thrown to the sharks. This of course was part of his plan and his life thus far has readied this scenario to be child’s play to him.
Bane, for the first time in his life, is a free man.
He returns to the prison to exact revenge upon his captors and free the prisons. It’s a thrilling escape that is up there as one of the best moments in the run thus far.

Bane Goes To Gotham City To Kill Batman

Bane goes to Gotham

In the final chapter we follow Bane as he embarks upon Gotham. After setting a trap Bane is able to lure Batman out into the open. However, he does not kill him, instead the villain uses this opportunity to study his methods. It really feels like a tactical operation and Bane even saves The Dark Knight’s life at one point, just so he can exact his revenge later down the line.
It’s a slow burn that leaves you wanting more and leaves you excited for their inevitable confrontation.
We are now ready for the fall of the bat!

The Verdict

Batman Vengeance of Bane is a brilliant origin story for one of The Dark Knight’s greatest enemies. Similar to The Killing Joke and Birth Of The Demon, we truly get invested in the character. Bane is seen as such a brilliant foe because of books like this. It accomplishes a full arc, filled with character development and drama that even made me want to see Batman taken down for once.
The art has a grit to it and immerses you within the walls of the depraved prison. It’s surroundings leap from the page and the creative team have managed to build a living breathing hell from the ground up. This is one of the greatest depictions of the darkness that exist within The Batman Universe. From start to finish the ride is cruel and uncompromising….and you’ll love it.
In summary Batman Vengeance of Bane is up there as one of the best Batman comics of all time. It works as both a standalone book and as part of the Knightfall saga. If you are a fan of The World’s Greatest Detective you owe it to yourself to pick up this story!
That’s why I’m giving it a….


If you’ve been following my reviews then you know that i’m ranking the books as I read them in what all the fans of me lovingly call ‘Rank As I Read’ or ‘Rank As You Read’…I don’t know, I can’t remember, you do though as you’re a proper fan.

So here is the leaderboard so far.

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  7. Batman Dark Victory
  8. Batman: The Man Who Laughs
  9. Batman Vengeance Of Bane
  10. Trinity
  11. Batman Bride Of The Demon
  12. Batman: Year One
  13. Batman: Venom
  14. Batman Birth Of The Demon
  15. Batman A Death In The Family
  16. Batman: Night Cries
  17. Batman: Gothic
  18. Batman: Fears
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  38. Batman The Ugly American

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