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Justice League: Darkseid War: Power Of The Gods Review

justice league darkseid war power of the gods review by deffinition

Side stories can often be hit or miss. For every classic one that builds the universe, there is an equally unneeded and filler full volume to match it. However, Darkseid War thus far has shown a wealth of potential and several of comics key characters have been changed in new and interesting ways. This has […]

Action Comics: New 52 Volume 2: Bulletproof Review

Action Comics Volume 2 Bulletproof review by Deffinition

Action Comics: Bulletproof Review By Deffinition Action Comics Volume 1 was a complete disappointment in my opinion. Going in I expected a lavish LSD laden Superman storyline. Grant Morrison is more than capable of doing but instead, he chose to showcase something that was rather run of the mill. It wasn’t bad…it just wasn’t anything […]

Aquaman: Unite The Seven Poster: Finally Explained


 Way back in 2015, Warner Brothers released an Aquaman Poster for their upcoming film: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Moustache. At the time we had no idea of what this entailed, what the terrible MARTHA scene would do to our dreams or what the ‘Unite The Seven’ slogan that was emblazoned over the top […]

Batman: Rebirth: Volume 4: The War Of Jokes And Riddles Review

Batman The War Of Jokes and Riddles analysis and review by deffinition

Batman: The War Of Jokes And Riddles Review By Deffinition Tom King’s run has been brilliant so far. Whilst I don’t feel like it has truly managed to match the levels set by his predecessor, Scott Snyder, I still think that the creator has really managed to carve out his own niche and his books […]

Batman: Rebirth: Volume 3: I Am Bane Review

batman I am bane review by deffinition as part of the dc graphic novel rebirth read through

Batman: Rebirth: Volume 3: I Am Bane Review By Deffinition I seem to be in the minority that really enjoyed Batman: Rebirth: Volume 2: I Am Suicide. After scoring it a 9/10 I was lambasted across forums and reddit alike by many who thought the book disappointed on several levels. Whilst I can admit there […]

Watching The Watchmen | Doomsday Clock #5 Review

doomsday clock issue 5 review and breakdown by tom kwei and deffinition

WATCHING THE WATCHMEN ON ITUNES – Click Here To Go Subscribe Doomsday Clock Issue 5 Review ‘There is no God’ Story Analysis by Tom Kwei and Deffinition After suffering more delays, the Watchmen Sequel Series is finally back with it’s fifth issue: There Is No God. This Ozymandius centric story answers many of the questions that […]

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two: Volume 1 Review

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two Volume 1 Graphic Novel Review by Deffinition

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Two: Volume 1 Review By Deffinition Injustice Year One was incredible. There is really no other word for it. Beautifully deconstructing the DC universe it managed to pit two of comics most popular characters against one another in an enthralling way. Following up on the success of the first year […]

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