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JLA: Prometheus Unbound Review

JLA Prometheus Unbound

The JLA books by Grant Morrison really changed the status quo for the DC Comics Universe. The writer introduced new members, killed off characters and provided plotlines where they were required to save the multiverse time and time again. With the League’s allegiances shattered at the end of Rock Of Ages, Prometheus Unbound sets to […]

Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia Review

Wonder Woman The Hiketeia review by deffinition

Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia, has an intriguing name for more than one reason. Cited on several lists of stories in which Batman was defeated, Hiketeia tells the tale of The Dark Knight and Comic’s Golden Girl going head to head. I’ve heard many positive things about the story but also some mixed opinions and the […]

Batman: Bruce Wayne: Murderer Review

batman bruce wayne murderer graphic novel

One thing that Batman is renowned for is that he does not kill. Fans have screamed outrage at the likes of Zack Snyder for his vision of The Dark Knight in Batman V Superman and the characters non-lethal MO is arguably one of his most notable traits. So what happens when the character is thought […]

Batman: White Knight Review

Batman White Knight Spoiler Talk Analysis

At this point in time, Batman Elseworld stories are a dime-a-dozen. We’ve seen them all ranging from Victorian Gotham to 200 years in the future and bar minor costume changes, very little is changes. Attempting to break the mould with a truly ‘off the world’ storyline is Batman: White Knight. Telling the tale of what […]

Year One: Batman/Ra’s Al Ghul Review

Year One Batman Ra’s Al Ghul Review

Year One is a title with a lot of weight behind it for fans of The Dark Knight. The motif is often used to endow stature to a book and let readers know that this has the potential to be a classic. However, in my opinion, this title often disappoints and is banded about so […]

Watching The Watchmen | Doomsday Clock #7 Review

Doomsday Clock issue 7 review and analysis by deffinition and tom kwei as part of watching the watchmen podcast

WATCHING THE WATCHMEN ON ITUNES – Click Here To Go Subscribe  Doomsday Clock Issue 7 Review ‘Blind Spot’ Story Analysis by Tom Kwei and Deffinition We are now at about 70% of the way through Doomsday Clock and to be honest, things aren’t looking good. We break down the major plot of the issue as well […]

Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album Review

Batman Catwoman The Wedding Album Graphic Novel Review

Comic’s most prestigious crime-fighting couple are finally tying the knot! After being teased for years DC finally decided to make the bold move and have the two wed one another. There is a lot to unpack here and there will be heavy spoilers so it may be worth skipping to the score if you want […]

Earth 2: World’s End: Volume 2 Review

Earth 2 Worlds End Volume 2 Review by Deffinition as part of the New 52 Read Through

Earth 2: World’s End got off to a terrific start. Re-establishing the world and putting down some ground rules, it successfully cemented Earth 2 as one of the publisher’s best books. The previous volume ended on a huge cliffhanger that saw Darkseid’s Return and I can’t wait to see what he brings to the final […]

Dark Nights: Metal: Dark Knights Rising Review

dark knights metal dark knights rising review

Dark Nights: Metal has by far been one of my favourite DC series from the last 20 years. Filled with none stop action, vicious villains and a plot that turned the entire comic book universe on its head, I found it to be a must-read. One of the most interesting aspects of the storyline was […]

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