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Top 8 Amazing Details You Missed In Infinity War

top 8 amazing details and easter eggs that you missed from infinity war fan theory and theories for avengers 4 endgame

Ten Years in the making, the reign of Thanos is finally upon us. Packed with comic references, callbacks to the prior films and little Easter Eggs that only hardcore fans will get, Infinity War delivers on a lot of levels. Even after several viewings of the movie there are still small tidbits that I notice […]

Deadpool 2 Had A Crazy Deleted Post Credits Scene

 Deadpool 2 Had A Crazy Deleted Post Credits Scene by Deffinition Deadpool 2 has arguably the greatest post credits scene of all time. It breaks the fourth wall in the way that only Deadpool can and I was blown away by just how rooted in comic book movie history and Ryan Reynold’s career it was. […]

Ranking The MCU: Ironman – Infinity War (2018 List)

Marvel MCU Movies and Films ranked from best to work from iron man to infinity war 2018 list

Marvel Movies Ranked by Deffinition Marvel’s MCU has had an incredible run. Starting off in 2008 with the seminal ‘Iron Man’ the franchise has grown to become the biggest cinematic universe in movie history. The creative team have pushed the boundaries in several ways and whilst their work is often imitated it is unrivalled. After […]

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Review

Deadpool kills the marvel universe graphic novel review by deffinition

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Review By Deffinition Deadpool has always been hit and miss for me. Whilst it is part of his characterisation to be annoying, this often grates on me. I would even go so far as to say that I didn’t enjoy the movie all that much and found it to be […]

Daredevil: Born Again Review

Daredevil Born Again Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition

Daredevil: Born Again Review By Deffinition Frank Miller is often classified as one of the greatest comic book writers of all time. The seminal work he produced in the 1980s has firmly placed his head on the Mount Rushmore of industry. However, as of late his work has been…well…a little weird. Revisiting his earlier pieces […]

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