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God Of War: New Game Plus Review

God Of War New Game Plus Mode Review

God Of War is a series that has been a mainstay in my life for the majority of it. Ever since picking up the initial game in 2005 it has constantly set and met expectations in the industry and every iteration brings something new to the table. The second in the series remained my favourite […]

We Happy Few’s Secret Ending

we happy few secret ending spoiler talk review by deffinition

We Happy Few is a game packed with twists, turns and a well-crafted campaign that offers an eerie insight into an alternative dimension. The single player story can last anywhere up to 25 hours and beyond but there is a quick way to skip the entire game in just under two minutes. Those who like […]

Slender Man Explained

slender man explained

Slender Man The Movie sees release this month and as always the man-made monster of mystery has a lot of hype surrounding it. Created in 2009 the Slender Man has gained a huge internet reputation over the last decade and has gone on to star in Games, Documentaries and more. Throughout this video I will […]

Journey – The Artistry of Game Design (Review/Analysis)

journey video game analysis

Journey – The Artistry of Game Design (Review/Analysis) by Imedias Rez To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Imedias Rez takes a look back at the Playstation exclusive Journey. The third game from developer Thatgamecompany (TGC) is unquestionably their masterpiece, but what makes it such a powerful gaming experience? What separates it from other video games, and how does […]

God Of War: Ending Explained + Atreus True Identity

God Of War Ending Explained Video by Deffinition Games Ending and Atreus True Identity

God of War Ending Explained Video by Deffinition God Of War is arguably the greatest Playstation 4 game ever created. Remarkable from start to finish we follow Kratos and his son Atreus as they embark on a journey to scatter the ashes of their wife and mother. It’s an enthralling quest that spans the nine […]

God of War (PS4) Review

god of war review

God of War (PS4) Review by Easy Allies God of War reinvents the franchise with deep combat and rewarding exploration. *Review Copy Provided by PlayStation Written by Michael Huber Video Edited by Brandon Jones Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro Available on PlayStation 4 MORE GAME TALK > 

The Game Fortnite Killed

The Game Fortnite Killed

Fortnite Video Essay by Tyler. J It is official, in 2018 Paragon will be closed down for good, and its Fortnite that drove the final nail into its fate. Fortnite Battle Royale is officially a phenomenon for developer epic and it also put their other games, most notably paragon in a tough spot. How do […]

Tomb Raider Movie: Ending Explained

Tomb Raider Movie: Ending Explained by Deffinition Tomb Raider sees release this month and whilst it fails to break the curse of bad video game movies, there is still a lot to be enjoyed within the film for fans of the franchise. Those not engrossed with the recently rebooted game series may be unfamiliar with […]

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