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Hulk: Gray review

Hulk Gray Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition as part of Incredible Hulk Marvel Read Through

Hulk: Gray Review By Deffinition Hulk: Gray sees the recollaberation of my favourite creative team in comic books: Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Over the years I think the team have created outstanding work and it’s rare they release a dud. Batman: The Long Halloween is my favourite graphic novel of all time so naturally […]

Silver Surfer: Rebirth Of Thanos Review

Silver Surger Rebirth of Thanos graphic novel review by Deffinition as part of infinity gauntlet read through

Silver Surfer: Rebirth Of Thanos Review By Deffinition Rebirth of Thanos is the second volume in the required reading for the Infinity Gauntlet saga. After the disappointing introductory chapter, Avengers Vs Thanos, I’m not exactly over the moon to be reviewing this book. However, every cloud has a SILVER lining (excuse the pun). One of […]

Venom: Why The New Venom Movie Doesn’t Make Sense

Venom why sony's venom movie doesn't work or make sense and sucks ending explained video essay

Why Venom Doesn’t Make Sense by Deffinition Venom sees release this year and whilst reaction to the film has been mixed, I personally think it will be disappointing. Tom Hardy is at the helm and in my opinion, he is one of the best actors in the world so I’m sure that he will do […]

Avengers: Infinity War Ending Explained + What The Post Credit Scene Means

Avengers infinity war ending explained and post credit scenes revealed full spoilers and review what does captain marvel mean

Avengers: Infinity War Ending Explained by Deffinition Avengers Infinity War finally sees release this month. If you’ve been following the MCU for the last ten years then you are no doubt highly anticipating the film’s release. In it, we see Thanos finally make his move and attempt to attain the Infinity Stones so he can […]

Ranking The MCU: Ironman – Infinity War (2018 List)

Marvel MCU Movies and Films ranked from best to work from iron man to infinity war 2018 list

Marvel Movies Ranked by Deffinition Marvel’s MCU has had an incredible run. Starting off in 2008 with the seminal ‘Iron Man’ the franchise has grown to become the biggest cinematic universe in movie history. The creative team have pushed the boundaries in several ways and whilst their work is often imitated it is unrivalled. After […]

World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker Review

world war hulk prologue world breaker review by deffinition as part of comic book talk

World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker Review By Deffinition World War Hulk is arguably the biggest storyline in the big green giant’s rich green history. Paying off all of the setup from Planet Hulk, it sees comic books’ favourite monster return to Earth seeking vengeance on those that banished him and killed his family. But how […]

Avengers Vs Thanos Review

Avengers Vs Thanos Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition as part of Infinity War Comic Book Talk

Avengers Vs Thanos Review By Deffinition Avengers: Infinity War is everywhere you look at the moment. The film capitalises on a ten-year setup in the MCU and showcases the arrival of Thanos and The Infinity Stones. The hype has never been realer! Whilst this plot is revolutionary on the silver screen it has actually been […]

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Review

Deadpool kills the marvel universe graphic novel review by deffinition

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Review By Deffinition Deadpool has always been hit and miss for me. Whilst it is part of his characterisation to be annoying, this often grates on me. I would even go so far as to say that I didn’t enjoy the movie all that much and found it to be […]

Planet Hulk Review

Planet Hulk Review by Deffinition in road to World War Hulk by Marvel

Planet Hulk Review by Deffinition Thor: Ragnarok burst onto our screens last year showcasing a re-envisioned Gladiator Hulk. Fans of the MCU lapped this up and this aesthetic definitely cemented the film as one of Marvel’s best. It was bold, brash and placed everyone’s favourite Green Monster as one of the most likable comic book […]

Marvel Zombies: Volume 1 Review

Marvel Zombies Graphic Novel Review by Deffinition as part of Graphic Novel Talk

Marvel Zombies: Volume 1 Review By Deffinition I’m a Diehard DC fan through and through. I’ve pretty much always preferred them over Marvel in every aspect (yes even films). However, running a predominantly based Comic Book Review website means that I have to be open to what I lovingly refer to as ‘The Enemy.’ However, […]

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