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Star Wars: Volume 2: Showdown On Smugglers Moon Review

star wars volume 2 review

The reimagined Star Wars Marvel Comic Book series has been a blast thus far. Adding a wealth of backstory to all of it’s heroes, the graphic novels have succeeded due to their character development and plot points that intersect perfectly into the films. Back with the second volume of the main series, Showdown On Smugglers […]

The Road To Civil War Graphic Novel Review

The Road To Civil War Graphic Novel Review

Civil War is often cited as one of Marvel’s best Graphic Novels. The critically acclaimed book went on to inspire a billion dollar movie and garnered a comic book sequel for better or for worse. It’s influence is still felt today more than ten years later and it’s clear that many other creators were inspired […]

Star Wars: Darth Vader: Volume 2: Shadows And Secrets Review


Star Wars: Darth Vader: Volume 1 painted out the big bad Sith Lord in a way that was true to his nature and removed all memory of the camp and cringy Prequels. Full of twists and turns, cameos and frantic battles, the story hooked me in from the off and delivered on a lot of […]

Thanos Rising Review

Thanos Rising Review by Deffinition as part of the infinity gauntlet saga read through

Thanos’ popularity has went stratospheric since the release of Infinity War. Often lauded as one of comic books greatest villains the character has risen to the ranks of The Joker, Hannibal Lector and more. Capitalising on this surge in awareness is Thanos Rising. Telling the tale of the characters origin story, this graphic novel sets […]

Why Nick Fury Called Captain Marvel: Fan Theory

marvel infinity war fan theory

With Infinity War now on general release throughout the world, many fans have been pouring over it frame by frame in order to pick out the most minute details. If you adore fan theories like me then you know that they can dramatically change the way that you watch a film. This one by Redditor sjvkrgr1 definitely changes […]

How Thanos Survived Stormbreaker Explained

how did thanos survive stormbreaker at the end of infinity war explained MCU Spoiler Talk cover

Thor embedding Stormbreaker into Thanos’ chest had many fans going wild. However, it still left one large lingering question at the end of Infinity War: How Did Thanos Survive this normally fatal attack? After waiting months we finally have an answer to the question. Spotted by reddit user evilcartoonist the eagle eyed viewer noticed that right before Thanos […]

Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt Review

spiderman kravens last hunt graphic novel review by deffinition

Often cited as one of the best Spider-man stories out there, Kraven’s Last Hunt has a reputation that precedes it. Now, more than 30 years since its release I decided to check out the graphic novel to see if it still lives up to the critical acclaim it has received. As with most of my […]

Wolverine by Claremont and Miller Review

wolverine by claremont and miller graphic novel review by deffinition

Wolverine has always been one of Comic’s most interesting characters. Chris Claremont and Frank Miller: some of it’s most interesting creators. Surely this is a match made in heaven? That’s what I’m here to find out! Whilst this story has a stellar reputation it’s been clear from my other read-throughs that a lot of the […]

Silver Surfer Epic Collection: The Infinity Gauntlet Review

silver surfer epic collection infinity gauntlet review

Silver Surfer Epic Collection: The Infinity Gauntlet Review by Deffinition If you’ve been keeping up with my Infinity Gauntlet Readthrough then you’ll know that whilst I had trouble with the initial book: Avengers Vs Thanos, the rest of the series cemented the arc as unforgettable. A huge turning point in this was due to the […]

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