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The Mummy Review (No Spoilers) | Film Talk

The Mummy Review (2017) With Tom Cruise

The Mummy And The Dark Universe Film Franchise This is my review for The Mummy (2017) Starring Tom Cruise. The return of The Mummy was a bigger disappointment than The Mummy Returns. What the…who the fuck writes this shit? The Mummy is a soft reboot of The Mummy starring Brendon Fraser before he got FATTY […]

47 Metres Down Review By Deffinition

47 Metres Down Movie Review By Deffinition

My Thoughts On The Mandy Moore Shark Cage Movie My 47 Metres Down Movie Review. Should you see this Shark Movie starring Mandy Moore and Claire Holt? Check out my analysis of the movie and see whether I recommend it or not! What did you think of this Shark Movie? Write Your Comments Below And […]

Infinity Crates June 2017 Unboxing And Review

Infinity Crate July 2017 Unboxing And Review

Packed with Star Wars, Batman, Doctor Who & Back To The Future Swag! Continuing on from my monthly crate review of My Geek Box I decided to pick up Infinity Crate’s July box. I’ve heard really good things about Infinity Crate so was eager to jump in to see the subscription service that is personalised […]

Alien Covenant Explained

Alien Covenant Explained Whilst Playing Alien Isolation DLC For The PS4

Deffinition Plays Alien Isolation And Tries His Best To Explain Alien Covenant I played through the Alien Isolation DLC whilst trying to explain the topsy turvey plot of Alien Covenant. Do I get through it without crapping myself?   Not Really

Alien Covenant Movie Review

Alien Covenant Review By Deffinition Film Talk

ALIEN COVENANT MOVIE REVIEW | THE BEST FILM YET? I’m a huge ALIEN fan so I was really excited to see Alien Covenant. Prometheus was disappointing for me and lacked too little Xenomorphs to really get me invested in it. With this finally seeing the return of the HR Giger creation does it recapture the […]

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Movie Review By Andrew Breeze

Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 Review By Andrew Breeze

Overhyped? With great hype comes great responsibility, oh wait that’s the wrong movie… I’ll save that for July. This part of the review is spoiler free… Guardians of the Galaxy vol2. hit cinemas last week with a BIG crowd anxiously awaiting the follow up to James Gunn’s masterpiece, vol 1. I highly rate the first […]

Get Out Movie Review By Deffinition

Get Out Movie Review

Get Out Of My Dreams And Into My Bed Get Out is the latest horror movie in which a black guy dies. Is that all it has though? Check my Youtube review to find out. Go on I dare you? No? WELL THEN GET OUT!!!!

Logan Movie Review By Deffinition

Logan Movie review

“It’s Not Perfect” What did I think of Logan? The latest and supposedly last Xmen film starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. Check out my video review above to find out. Full script below Alreet lads, it’s me Wolverine, and I’m gonna cut ya, ya little radgie. Ha! No it’s me, just cosplaying as the […]

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