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The Little Stranger: Ending Explained By Director Lenny Abrahamson

The Little Stranger Movie Review

The Little Stranger is a British-Irish Gothic Horror that due to studio neglect may have flown under the radar for many. However, the film is fantastic and possesses an ending that leaves a lot to unpack. Throughout this video, I will be discussing several plot details from The Little Stranger so there will be heavy […]

Hold The Dark: Ending Explained + The Symbolism Of The Mask

Hold The Dark Ending Explained Review by deffinition Netflix

Hold The Dark is a 2018 Netflix Original Thriller Movie. The film features Wolves in sheep’s clothing, Wolves in Human clothing and there is a lot to unpack from its plot. Throughout this video, I will be discussing Hold The Dark in full detail and there will be heavy spoilers. The film is definitely worth […]

Deadpool 2: Extended Cut Review (The Super Duper Cut)

Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut Extended Edition Full spoiler talk review by deffinition as well as the baby hitler end credits scene

Deadpool was a film that was slightly inconsistent for me. Whilst I loved the gags, sick body horror and over the top gore, story wise it felt by the Numbers. Obviously I’m aware that origin stories are often used primarily as a setup for what is to come and that they shouldn’t be judged harshly […]

Venom Post Credits Scene Leaked Information


 Post Credit Scenes are a staple of modern day comic book movies. It’s rare that we get a film without one and it appears that Venom will be no different. After a recent interview with Fandango, Director Ruben Fleischer stated that it would be a mistake to not stay through the credits of a […]

Patient Zero: Ending Explained Review

Patient Zero Ending Explained review

Patient Zero is an action horror film set against the outbreak of a deadly virus that threatens to wipe out the human race. We follow a group of survivors as they desperately try to find a cure for the disease and watch as they are slowly torn apart by the new highly intelligent and ravenous creatures. […]

The Predator: Ending Explained Review And Possible Sequel Direction (2018 Movie)

the predator ending explained spoiler talk review

The Predator sees humanity face off against the intergalactic race of hunters once more. Directed by Shane Black, the franchise returns to its routes and possesses an ending that definitely needs dissecting. Throughout this video, I will be discussing the ending of The Predator as well as the film’s plot. There will be heavy spoilers and […]

The Nun: Full Story & Ending Explained

the nun ending explained and spoiler talk review plot synopsis breakdown

The Nun tells the origin story of the demon Valak. Littered throughout The Conjuring Series, the demonic Nun has proven to be a thorn in the side of those who fight for good and her backstory has remained a mystery, till now. Throughout this article, I will be discussing the plot of The Nun as […]

The Nun: Original Script

 The Nun sees release this month and whilst we have discussed the movie in full here (The Nun Ending Explained) there was still an original outline for the movie. Below I’ve compiled the rumours and leaked scripts into a plot synopsis. There are some minor spoilers here for things that actually made it to the film […]

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