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The Shape Of Water Hidden Meaning: The Monster Of White Privilege

The Shape Of Water: The Monster Of White Privilege By Deffinition On the surface The Shape Of Water shares many similarities with it’s name sake. It’s graceful, fragile and seems tangible. However, upon diving through the initial layer, many will discover that depth lurks within it’s vast and current themes. Avoiding the fact I’ve just […]

The Cloverfield Paradox: Ending Explained | A Multiverse Of Monsters

The Cloverfield Paradox Ending Explained A Multiverse of Monsters Full Spoilers

The Cloverfield Paradox: Ending Explained By Deffinition The Cloverfield Paradox is the third film to be released under the Cloverfield banner. Each movie works as a stand-alone piece with minor and major connections between the universes that tie into the overall thematic aesthetic of the franchise: these are real people stuck in supernatural situations. Paradox […]

Open House: Who Was The Killer? | Ending Explained

Open House Ending Explained Who Is The Killer At The End Murderer Identity Revealed

Open House: Ending Explained By Deffinition Ignoring the fact that The Open House was one of the worst Horror Movies I’ve ever seen, it’s abysmal ending has a lot of people talking. Perhaps due to the fact that it does a worse job of spelling things out than Gareth Gates, there are a lot of […]

Why Idris Elba Saying James Bond Should Be A Woman Is Stupid

Why Idris Elba Saying James Bond Should Be A Woman Is Stupid

Why Idris Elba Saying That James Bond Should Be A Woman Is Stupid by Deffinition In a recent interview with Variety Magazine, actor Idris Elba stated that James Bond should be played by a woman, emphasising that it would be something different. Whilst I respect the actor’s work and even championed him to be Daniel Craig’s […]

How The Greatest Showman Won Me Over To Musicals

How The Greatest Showman Won Me Over To Musicals Video Review By Deffinition As Part Of Film Talk

The Greatest Showman Review By Deffinition I’ll start this review by saying that I absolutely HATE musicals. Bar 8 mile (sort of a musical I suppose) I find them corny, wrote and seriously lacking in character development. Naturally, when my girlfriend informed me that she wanted to go and see The Greatest Showman, I dragged […]

Greatest Movie Ever: The Shining Review & Analysis Podcast

Greatest Movie Ever Podcast The Shining review and analysis by deffinition and alex bentley

The Shining Review by Deffinition & Alex Bentley Regarded by many as The Greatest Horror Movie Ever Made, The Shining has a hefty reputation. Obsessed over by fans there is an abundance of theories and speculation over what the true meaning of the film is and Kubrick’s enigmatic movie certainly has a lot of things […]

Superman: The Movie Extended Cut Review

Superman The Movie Extended Cut Review By Oliver Harper

 Superman: The Movie Extended Cut review by Oliver Harper Extended to a three hour cut for TV, Superman: The Movie Extended Edition finally gets a release on Blu-Ray. With all new remastered footage Oliver Harper, mega Superman Fan, discusses his thoughts on the film as well as it’s history. You can check out Oliver’s youtube […]

Molly’s Game | Who Is Player X?

Mollys Game Who Is Player X In Real Life Book And Celebrity Fan Theories

 Player X True Identity Aaron Sorkin’s latest film ‘Molly’s Game’ tells the autobiographical tale of Molly Bloom. The so-called Poker Princess that ran underground poker tournaments attracting all types of individuals from Hollywood’s rich and famous to the Russian Mob. Unsurprisingly the movie sticks very close to reality and Sorkin even went so far […]

Die Hard 2: 5 Reasons Why It Is Even More Christmassy Than Die Hard 1

Die Hard 2 5 Reasons Why It Is Even More Christmassy Than Die Hard 1 the new alternative best christmas movie

We all have that ‘wacky’ friend who thinks they are soooo alternative because when you ask ‘What is your favourite Christmas Movie?‘ They reply ‘Die Hard.’  Slow Clap for that guy and his crazy, off the wall opinions. You’re mental you are, bet you’re one of those people who thinks The Star Wars Prequels with terrible […]

Zbox December 2017 Unboxing And Review

zbox decemeber 2017 unboxing and review by deffinition

 Zbox Subscription Review I picked up my first ever Zbox and saw whether it was worth the discounted price of £10. Check out my video and subscribe to my youtube channel for more unboxings like this every month.

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