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Top 3 Captain Marvel Theories | Avengers Cameo, Infinity War Tie In & More

captain marvel top 3 5 fan theories that may be true

 With the release of Captain Marvel less than a month away, fans are slowly starting to theorise exactly what could happen in the movie based on rumours and leaks. There’s a lot of ones that seem to hold weight and others that seem completely impossible i.e. Goose Takes The Infinity Gauntlet From Thanos and […]

The Prodigy: Ending Explained Spoiler Talk Review

the prodigy 2019 ending explained spoiler talk review on the new horror film

 The Prodigy centres around a young boy that possesses a genius intellect but also has a more sinister side to him that comes out throughout the course of the film. The movie itself has a lot to unpack from it and throughout this video I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know […]

Child’s Play 2019: Official Teaser Trailer Explained

Childs Play Remake 2019 official teaser trailer explained

 With the release of the Child’s play remake just around the corner, we have slowly started to see promotional material filter it’s way onto the web in the past couple of months. Today sees the online release of the film’s teaser trailer after it was only initially shown at the start of the new […]

Avengers: Endgame: Fan Theory: Why Thanos Failed | The Full Consequences Of The Snap Explained

avengers endgame fan theory why thanos failed

After Thanos wiped out half of all life in the universe he finally rested, knowing that he had brought balance to the Galaxy. In his mind, the survivors of the snap would be able to flourish and they would not become victims of overpopulation down the line. However, after catching brief glimpses of what the […]

Velvet Buzzsaw: Ending Explained: Netflix Original Horror | Spoiler Review

velvet buzzsaw netflix ending explained full movie spoiler talk review

Velvet Buzzsaw is a stab at the art world from the creative team that brought you Nightcrawler. Throughout this video, I’ll be discussing everything that you need to know about the movie and it’s ending. This picture perfect brush with death breakdown will contain spoilers so if you don’t want to know anything about the […]

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