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Velvet Buzzsaw Movie Review | NO SPOILERS

velvet buzzsaw movie review no spoilers

 Velvet Buzzsaw has just received its world premiere at 2019’s Sundance Festival. Whilst the film is not out until Friday on Netflix, we got to watch an early release of it and whilst it may divide some viewers, there is still a lot to take from it. Now this most likely won’t overtake Bird […]

Birds Of Prey: Official Teaser Trailer: Explained + History Of The Squad

birds of prey official teaser trailer on the harley quinn dc comic book movie

The Birds Of Prey Official teaser trailer has just dropped and with it comes a host of new costume looks, style and speculation. In the trailer we see flashes of Black Canary, Huntress, Harley Quinn and more. Quinn, once again played by Margot Robbie, is reprising her role as the villainess/anti-hero and since her breakout […]

Animas: Netflix (2019): Ending Explained

animas netflix ending explained

Animas is a 2019 Netflix psychological Spanish horror film that may leave some viewers scratching their heads. There is a lot to unpack from the ending of the film, so to try and clear things up, I’ve put together my thoughts on the film as well as the events that happened in it. There will be […]

Glass: How To Fix The Ending

Glass How To Fix The Ending explained breakdown

Glass currently has critics torn across the board and I partly think that this is down to the film’s ending. Throughout this video, I will be giving my thoughts on how to fix it and to give the superhero saga the satisfying conclusion that it deserves. I will be talking about key moments in the […]

Polar: Netflix Movie Review | NO SPOILERS

Polar Netflix Movie Review by Deffinition

With the release of Polar on Netflix right around the corner, I thought I’d check the movie out to let you know whether it’s worth staying in this weekend to check it out. Firstly, if you’re not into hyper-violent, over the top, often crass action movies then Polar is not for you. From pretty much […]

Shazam Movie: First Screening Reactions

shazam first screening reactions and spoiler talk review

 The release of Shazam is right around the corner and early screenings have been happening pretty much for the best part of a year now. Recently a viewer who has watched the entire film contacted me on twitter to go through their thoughts on the film and some of the key scenes and plot […]

Why Tony Stark Is Not Dead In Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

why tony stark is not dead in spiderman far from home

 Ok so I’ve seen a lot of news articles and internet posts recently about how Tony Stark is Dead due to the fact that he is not anywhere in the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer. Even just googling: ‘Is Tony Stark Dead’ brings up millions of results. The main evidence for this comes from […]

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