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Spider-Man: The Death Of Gwen Stacy Review

Spider-man The Death of Gween Stacy Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition

Arguably the second most defining death in The Web Head’s history is that of Gwen Stacy (the first being Uncle Ben for obvious reasons). It’s such an infamous arc that honestly needs no introduction, however, it’s also something that I’ve never read. Sure, I know the ins and outs of the story but to behold […]

Stan Lee

stan lee tribute video on the passing of marvel comics book creator and genius tribute video intro

As I’m sure many of you watching this video will already be aware, sadly, The Great Stan Lee has sadly passed away. Most of you probably don’t know that this channel was originally created predominantly as a comics books channel before turning to movies and TV but I can’t really emphasise enough how much Stan’s […]

Avengers 4: Annihilation Leaked Trailer Breakdown

avengers 4 leaked trailer footage comicon breakdown

 The First Trailer for Avengers 4 is almost upon us. Hype has never been higher for the film so I thought I’d use various reports, sources and eyewitness accounts to piece together the plot of the highly anticipated trailer to let you know what could happen in it. There is a lot of potential […]

Spider-Man: The Death Of Captain Stacy Review

Spiderman the death of captain stacy graphic novel review

When a character dies in comic books, it’s rare that they stay that way. There are few unshakable deaths in the medium and bar Uncle Ben, The Wayne’s and the Titular Character of this book, the majority of deaths are retconned. That’s why I was so excited to pick this up. The graphic novel has […]

Civil War Graphic Novel Review

Civil War Graphic Novel Comic Book Review

Civil War is a graphic novel that carries a certain historical significance for comic books. The storyline went on to influence a billion-dollar movie, several animated series, and many mobile games. It’s clear that it has a legacy that precedes it and yet, up until now I’d never read it. I don’t know if it […]

All 20 Marvel Movies Ranked: Iron-Man – Ant-Man & The Wasp


Marvel’s MCU has had an incredible run. Starting off in 2008 with the seminal ‘Iron Man’ the franchise has grown to become the biggest cinematic universe in movie history. The creative team have pushed the boundaries in several ways and whilst their work is often imitated it is unrivalled. After watching through the entirety of […]

Venom: Post Credits Scene Explained

Venom Post Credits Scene Explained carnage cameo and into the spider verse tie in

 Venom has finally started it’s theatrical run and like most Comic Book Movies of the modern era, it contains several post-credit scenes that tease sequels and what is to come. Throughout this video, I will be discussing both credit scenes for the film so there will be heavy spoilers. With that out the way, […]

Venom Post Credits Scene Leaked Information


 Post Credit Scenes are a staple of modern day comic book movies. It’s rare that we get a film without one and it appears that Venom will be no different. After a recent interview with Fandango, Director Ruben Fleischer stated that it would be a mistake to not stay through the credits of a […]

Spider-Man: Blue Review

Spiderman Blue Graphic Novel Review

If you’ve read my review of Batman: The Long Halloween, then you know it’s no secret that I absolutely adore Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. In my eyes, they’ve never put out a less than stellar book and the creative team are some of the best in the industry. Teaming up once more they continue […]

Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath Review

infinity gauntlet aftermath review

Infinity Gauntlet was an incredible crossover event whose effects can still be felt in comics and film today. It broke the mold in several ways and was a joy to read. After wiping out half of life in the Universe, we watched the remaining heroes take down Thanos and return order to the Galaxy. It was […]

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