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The OA: Season 2: Ending Explained | All The Crazy Things About THAT Final Scene Explained + The Future Of The Show

the oa season 2 ending explained full spoiler talk breakdown

The OA is back on Netflix after a long hiatus that’s lead to it becoming one of the most anticipated shows on the platform. As expected, it’s ending is a highly confusing one and this mind-bending season leaves a lot to unpack from it. Throughout this video, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to […]

Stranger Things: Season 3 Explained: Everything We Know So Far: Full Update

Stranger Things Season 3 Everything We Know So Far Explained

 Stranger Things 3 is right around the corner and if the trailer promises anything, it’s a Summer that we won’t forget. With the show due to drop in the next few months I decided to do a break down of everything we know so far about the season including it’s release date, plot details […]

Love, Death + Robots: Suits Ending Explained & All Easter Eggs

Love death and robots suits ending explained and all easter eggs breakdown

 Suits is a standout episode in the seminal series, Love, Death + Robots that whilst pretty straightforward on the surface, actually has a lot to unpack from it. The episode is filled to the brim with Easter Eggs, pop culture references and more so throughout this, I thought I’d break down everything that you […]

Love, Death & Robots: Beyond The Aquila Rift: Ending Explained | Full Breakdown On Greta, The Hive, Arkangel & More

Love death and robots beyond the aquila rift ending explained

Love, Death & Robots: Beyond The Aquila Rift is an episode that will have you questioning your own existence. The 16 minute short is one of the standout pieces in the series and whilst it didn’t break my recent top 5 list, it still is definitely an episode that deserves a lot of attention. Throughout […]

Top 5: Love, Death & Robots Episodes | BEST OF NETFLIX

top 5 love death and robots episodes by deffinition

 Love, Death & Robots brings a wealth of outstanding stories and fascinating episodes from the minds of Tim Miller, David Fincher and many more. There are 18 in total and after binge-watching them all twice, I decided to put together a list of my top 5 episodes from the show to let you know […]

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