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The Curse Of Superman (1933 – 2018)

the curse of superman documentary 2018 alison mack edition by deffinition

 The Curse Of Superman by Deffinition Superman is arguably the world’s most popular comic book character. Since his creation in 1933, the superhero icon has gone on to influence countless others and over the decades he has appeared in all forms of media from Movies to Games, Television and more. There is, however, a […]

Luke Cage: Season 2 Ending Explained

luke cage season 2 ending explained by deffinition discussing the final episode of the netflix series and review

 Luke Cage: Season 2 Ending Explained By Deffinition Luke Cage Season 2 follows the titular character on his journey to take down Mariah, Shades and Bushmaster. As with all Netflix Marvel series there are a couple of things to unpack from the finale and throughout this video I will be dissecting the end of […]

Jessica Jones: Season 2: A Fight For Feminism: Video Essay

Jessica Jones Season 2 Review and Analysis In this Video Essay I talk about the Feminist Themes that Surround the Netflix Show and talk about how it coincides with the Times up and Me Too Movement

Jessica Jones Season 2 Review: A Fight For Feminism by Deffinition Jessica Jones Season One was my favourite Marvel TV show. Handling highly provocative themes such as rape and sexual harassment it perfectly encapsulates the Me Too and Times Up movement way before either of those issues were at the forefront of the media. What […]

Zbox December 2017 Unboxing And Review

zbox decemeber 2017 unboxing and review by deffinition

 Zbox Subscription Review I picked up my first ever Zbox and saw whether it was worth the discounted price of £10. Check out my video and subscribe to my youtube channel for more unboxings like this every month.

The Walking Dead: The Problem With Perspectives Video Essay

The Walking Dead Problems With Perspective video essay analysis and review in which I discuss why the walking dead tv show has got so bad

The Walking Dead: The Problem With Perspectives Video Essay by Deffinition After watching the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, I am still dumbfounded as to why this remains one of TV’s most popular shows. Now I’m not going to overly bash it, or fill my discussion with puns like ‘The Boring Dead,’ do you […]

5 Reasons Why The Defenders Was A Huge Disappointment

5 Reasons Why The Defenders Was A Huge Disappointment

Defending The Defenders After falling in love with the Daredevil (not like that….though they say love is blind), Luke Cage and Jessica Jones (literally), I was over the moon to hear that they would be teaming up in a new show: The Defenders. Marvel clearly know what they’re doing in regards to superhero team-ups and […]

Infinity Crates June 2017 Unboxing And Review

Infinity Crate July 2017 Unboxing And Review

Packed with Star Wars, Batman, Doctor Who & Back To The Future Swag! Continuing on from my monthly crate review of My Geek Box I decided to pick up Infinity Crate’s July box. I’ve heard really good things about Infinity Crate so was eager to jump in to see the subscription service that is personalised […]

Legion Review by Steven Haggie

Legion Marvel TV Show

Professor Next I heard last year that a new Marvel tv series was to be hitting screens this year, and it would be called Legion. I had little to no knowledge about Legion at all, so as you do, I performed an search online to find out more.. I discovered Legion was infact, the one […]

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