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Let’s Play Injustice 2 (Story Mode Playthrough) Part 1 By Deffinition

Let's Play Injustice 2 Story Mode Part 1

Batman V Superman Mixed With Mortal Kombat (All Cutscenes) If you’ve been following my website then you’ll know that I am a HUGE DC fan. I’m currently doing a read through of all the Batman Graphic Novels in chronological order which can be found by clicking this link! So as you can guess….I’M A BIT […]

Trinity Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition

Batman Superman And Wonder Womans first meeting

Trinity Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition The Formation Of The Justice League We are so deep into the canon read through now and still really nowhere in the overall mythology. So far we’ve encountered Robins, Batgirls and a wealth of super villains. Batman is yet to meet his true rivals though….the superheroes.     Trinity […]

The Flash: Flashpoint Review By Deffinition

The Flash Flashpoint Review By Deffinition

Flash In The Pan? My first encounter with Flashpoint was through the DC animated movie. Like most comic book fans out there I absolutely loved it. It had it all! Johns and the team did a brilliant job of crafting an interesting world and really getting the audience invested in The Flash. I’ve read Flashpoint […]

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