JLA (Vol 1) Secret Files #1 Review

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JLA (Vol 1) Secret Files #1 Review By Deffinition as part of Graphic Novel Talk

JLA (Vol 1) Secret Files #1 Review By Deffinition

So far I’ve had a good but not great, read through of JLA. There’s been really good stories mixed in with the really bad (and I mean REALLY BAD) and overall it’s felt like a writer trying to find his feet with the characters. This wasn’t helped with the change in artist and general reformatting of the team every couple of issues. Often feeling like ramblings, the stories were difficult to connect with and due to this didn’t score very highly.
This is the final arc to Volume 1 and as it is the closing chapter, it will probably decide how I judge the book overall.
Can it cement Morrisson as my favourite writer in comics again?
Let’s find out!

Triple Threat

The book contains three mini stories. The first revolving around the intergalatic parasite Starro The Conqueror. The second around the new Superman’s power set and the finale is a day in the life of Martian Manhunter.
Whilst short in length every story still feels fully developed and they act brilliantly at providing an insight into how the Justice League operate as a team and autonomously.
The Star Seed storyline is by far the standout of the issue. This tale centres on how the alien Starro would put the universe under his control should he capture the Justice League. In order to stop this from happening they depower themselves and attempt to destroy him by using their wits and secret weapon…Batman.
It’s a brilliant tale that showcases the true sacrificial qualities that are needed of a hero and this story is so good that I wish it had been given a full arc.

Super Sayian

The Superman story works as a brilliant introduction to the new boy in blue following ‘The Death Of Superman‘ arc. It highlights just how powerful he has become and also works as a signifier for how DC were modifying their characters in the 90’s to attract new audiences. It’s a shorter story that whilst not quite living up to it’s predecessor is still great.
A day in the life of Martian Manhunter too follows this aesthetic. Most readers at this point may have been unfamiliar to the character and this story works in creating a relatable superhero that in anyone else’s hands may seem alien. That to me was always the difficulty with the Manhunter. Morrisson does a brilliant job of creating a likeable character that can connect with audiences. It closes out the issue strongly.

A day in the life of martian manhunter reviewThe Verdict

Secret Files #1 is a short but sweet story that puts a brilliant close to Volume 1. It’s a well rounded and balanced issue that has a lot for new readers and veteran fans alike.
If you are unsure whether you want to begin Morrisson’s legendary JLA run then this is a great starting point that will give you an insight of what you are getting into.
Overall Secret Files gets a…


If you’ve been following my reviews then you know that i’m ranking the books as I read them in what all the fans of me lovingly call ‘Rank As I Read’ or ‘Rank As You Read’…I don’t know, I can’t remember, you do though as you’re a proper fan.

So here is the leaderboard so far.

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