Legion Episode 1 Review


Check out our thoughts on Legion! The New FOX TV show about Professor X's Son.


This review is brought to you by Steven Haggie.


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Legion Marvel TV Show

Luke Cage Review By Rex Regis

Luke Cage Review

Check out the review of Netflix' newest Marvel Series 'Luke Cage.'


I've not seen it myself but this guest review by Rex Regis really gets me excited to see it.


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Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Review

Wow what an episode. They really put it down with this one.


You can check out my thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead by clicking the image to the right.


Cheers - Deff

The Walking Dead Season 7 Neagan Kills

The Flash Season 1 & 2 Top 5 Moments

Top 5 Flash Season 1 & 2 Moments


The Flash is due to return to the UK within a matter of weeks.


To celebrate I've put together a list of my top 5 moments from Season 1 and 2.


What made it to the top spot?


Read my list to find out - Deff

HarmonQuest Review

I want to preface this with, I think I’m cool, I do cool things, I go to cool places, I eat cool food, I’m not a loser… I think.


But dungeons and dragons gets me hyped!! Fantasy role playing board games are so fun. I love being a dungeon master and I love playing as a character. A world where anything can happen and if I want to waterboard a goblin for information, well you damn well bet I’m gonna roll dice till I make it happen. Click The Image To Read More >

Harmon Quest Review