Watching The Watchmen | Episode 5 | Fearful Symmetry Review

November 12, 2017 2 comments

Fearful Symmetry Review

Watching The Watchmen Episode 5. In what is our second best episode thus far, Tom and I discuss the Rorschach issue: Fearful Symmetry. We see how Alan Moore uses reflection and repetition to deliver his themes across the panels. Often heralded as one of the greatest comic book issues ever written, we have differing opinions.

This one is really not to be missed.

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2 Comments on “Watching The Watchmen | Episode 5 | Fearful Symmetry Review

  1. Hello, Deffinition,

    I found your Watchmen podcast thanks to your Dark Knight reviews. So, thank goodness for that.

    I first read the Dark Knight when it came out. It was so fresh at that time. My friends and I all loved how Reagan was represented by Frank Miller. Upon re-reading, downright eerie. And we took to liking Batman way more than Superman thanks to his friendliness to Reagan.

    And so now I am enjoying your monthly Watchmen podcasts. Keep up the good work.

    ps. Where is the “Contact Us” part of your website located? So I can send you indepth commentary on all your podcasts.

    1. Hi Eric

      Thanks for getting back in touch, sounds like youve got a lot of insight. Unfortunately I don’t have a contact us part anymore because it was getting spammed so much that I just disabled it.

      Thanks again

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