Watching The Watchmen | Episode 7 | The Abyss Gazes Also Review

The Abyss Gazes Also. Rorschach Origin Story Review

Watching The Watchmen Episode 7. In what is our best (or at least fourth best) episode thus far, Tom and I discuss the Rorschach¬†origin story issue: The Abyss Gazes Also. We see how Alan Moore uses psychology to discuss what horrific event could happen in a child’s life to cause them to become a vigilante. We both absolutely loved this issue and think you will find it as fascinating as we did. Throughout, we discuss how Moore uses the black and white solidity of a Rorschach¬†mask to depict the personality of the unhinged superhero. This is a great look at one of comic books greatest heroes and we recap the story in full.

This one is really not to be missed.

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