Watching The Watchmen | Episode 1 | At Midnight Review And Analysis With Tom Kwei

Watchmen Issue 1 Review With Tom Kwei

Watching The Watchmen Episode 1. Welcome to our brand new series ‘Watching The Watchmen‘ in which Tom Kwei and Deffinition break down, issue by issue, the Watchmen Comics. In this first episode we review and analyses Issue 1: At Midnight ‘At Midnight, All the Agents…’ Discussing it’s intricacies and hidden meanings.

We also break down the supplemental material of ‘Under The Hood‘ and give our insight into what we think this issue signifies.

This overall Watchmen Review will hopefully enrich fan’s understanding of the book and bring new ones in to enjoy the work.

We will be reviewing each issue one by one so make sure you keep an eye out for upcoming episodes.

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