A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding That Ende...

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding That Ended Up Royal Garbage [My Thoughts & Review Roundup]

A Christmas Prince 2 The Royal Wedding Explained In my Ending Discussion Video On The Netflix Original Movie with my personal analysis and review roundup INTRO

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding has just dropped on Netflix and if there is another thing that 2018 definitely needed its another Royal Wedding. I’m a Brit who doesn’t really get the fuss with the Royals, in medieval times sure, they used to ride horseback, fight wars and kill their wives but in 2018 it seems a bit strange. The Royals to me are the equivalent of America suddenly deciding to give The Kardashians loads of money so they can continue their rich lifestyle. It would just be bonkers.

So, naturally, when I heard that Netflix had dropped A Christmas Prince I was overjoyed. Netflix are of course know for always making oscar worthy original movies so the excitement was definitely there for me.

The film, however, is a very strange one and it feels like it was written by someone who vaguely understands Royal Courtship but doesn’t really get why the traditions exist.

I tried to view this film as objectively as possible but it just seems like there are key elements missing and when we primarly follow a character who blogs throughout their Royal relationship (who blogs in 2018 am I right?) it feels like everything is as antiquated as the Royals themselves.

Firstly, The Christmas Prince is actually a Christmas King so you got that wrong guys, secondly, where the hell are the wolves? For those who’ve seen the first film, they will know that there was a big scene involving wolves that felt a little crazy and it turns out that I’m not the only one who wanted them back.

A Christmas Prince 2 The Royal Wedding Explained In my Ending Discussion Video On The Netflix Original Movie with my personal analysis and review roundup INTRO

Constance Grady of Vox stated that:

“The whole thing was so bizarre that it immediately imprinted itself into my heart. So naturally, I expected the wolves to make their much-anticipated return in the sequel. And yet! There are no wolves!

The Christmas Prince even says, “No wolves, I promise,” right before a festive horseback ride through Aldovia’s supposedly wolf-infested mountains, and there is not so much as a howl in the distance. The absence of wolves, obviously, is unmitigated bullshit.”

And I agree, where the heckins are the Wolves. Did they get put down, did they become human under the moonlight? I need to know.

Not A Royal Presentation

Anyway, another big problem that I have with the film is it’s presentation, the dress is very outdated and feels like something pulled off the costume rack at Netflix studios…which it probably was. That’s probably the most surprising thing about the film in general and the majority of it feels like a been there done that you don’t really expect from a story that is so rarely touched upon in modern media.

“Netflix knows that the only reason anyone is watching this movie is to see two cute people make out and yell at each other a little bit and then kiss again and get married. Nothing bad that happens has any real consequences, and the people who are enemies in the beginning end up friends in the end. Everything and everyone in the movie end up just fine”

I completely agree with that statement and in a way it sort of sums up the Royals themselves. Rarely do they make political stances, voice their opinions on current events or make arguments with any real weight to them beyond the ol’ casual racist gibe of Prince Phillip.

A Christmas Prince 2 The Royal Wedding Review

So, if you want to see a Royal Wedding made by Netflix then I suppose you get your wish and you will most likely end the film with a smile on your face. If you wish to see some actual drama or weight to the work then you’ve probably come to the wrong place.

How the film ranks for you will depend on your expectations but personally I found myself bored throughout and wishing that we could get more Outlaw King than Inlaws Wedding Reception.

Your Thoughts

So, what were your thoughts on A Christmas Prince 2? Did you enjoy it or do you agree with my thoughts on the film being a bit meh?

Comment below and let me know!

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