A Quiet Place: Ending Explained Fan Theory with...

A Quiet Place: Ending Explained Fan Theory with John Krasinski

A Quiet Place Ending Explained With John Krasinski Full Spoilers

A Quiet Place: Ending Explained Fan Theory with John Krasinski

Recently I created a video that discussed my interpretation of ‘A Quiet Place.’ I hypothesised that the monsters in the film represented censorship and how people in the modern age were required more and more to not speak out on certain opinions that they had in fear of the backlash that they could face. This related to social media, work, politics, celebrity and more. I really wanted to open up a conversation and my theory could really be interpreted in any way that you see fit.

It’s currently my highest viewed video and I was very happy with the response of people. Some disagreed completely, others that believed I was correct and a lot (and A LOT) of people thought I was wrong and that the monsters were just monsters. It was a great discussion and I highly recommend that you go and check out the video which will be linked in the description at the end of this one.

I was very lucky that a close friend of mine, Bamalam, who works at UNILAD, was interviewing John Krasinski, the film’s director and star, and brought up the theory with him in order to get his thoughts on it. What follows is a small segment of their interview which offers up Krasinski’s thoughts on fan theories of the film, including mine.

It’s brilliant that Krasinski responded and I sort of fanboyed a bit over this clip, especially because I think the film is incredible. A Quiet Place definitely has a lot of thematic things that can be taken from it and I highly recommend that you check out the film in theatres. It offers an experience like no other, where silence is demanded from beginning to end and it’s atmosphere is near unrivaled.

I’d like to give a huge shoutout to Bamalam at UNILAD Film for putting this theory in front of John and if you want to see the entire interview you can check out their facebook page linked in the description. They post exclusive interviews, news and easter egg videos weekly and it’s definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of film. I’d also like to thank Paramount for allowing us to use the footage from the interview and allowing me to discuss the film in greater depth.

For more ending explained videos and film fan theories please subscribe to my channel. If you liked this video and want to see more then you can check out my full analysis of A Quiet Place on my channel.

Make sure you check out UNILAD Entertainment here!

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