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Aladdin 2019: Official Trailer Explained: Everything You Missed | All Easter Eggs

aladdin 2019 trailer explained breakdown everything you missed on the new disney film

The Official Aladdin Remake Trailer has just dropped and similar to the source material, there’s a lot to unpack from it.

After the controversial first look at The Will Smith Genie costume we got a couple of months ago it seems like the studio have tried to clean this up to appease fans and have him now with his classic blue hue but it still looks a little weird.

Anyway throughout this article I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about the trailer and what we can take from it. There will be heavy spoilers here, so if you don’t want to know anything then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way, I’m deffinition and welcome to the channel where I watch it so you don’t have to!

The Aladdin Trailer Breakdown

The trailer opens with a bird gracefully flying through the Arabian night. Fans of the first film will instantly recognise this as Lago, Jafar’s parrot.

He’s probably my favourite character from the original so it’s brilliant to see him return, however we don’t get his voice and those will remember that back in the day Gilbert Gottfried really nailed the part.

I can’t find any information for Lago on IMDB for the remake so it looks like we won’t get the return of Gottfried which is a big shame.

aladdin 2019 trailer explained breakdown everything you missed on the new disney film

We get some more shots of the mob meeting that kicked off the original which then transitions into our first look at Jafar. Personally, I think this looks a bit cosplay and I don’t really get the sinister and intimidating vibe off him that I did in the animated movie. Whilst they nailed Aladdin another gripe I have is with the Cave Of Wonders or as I called it as a kid, The Tiger Temple. It seems to be fully static and whilst they may animate it later I think that it’s lost a lot of it’s magic and leaves this part of the film feeling flat.


Anyway from here we go to Agraba, and the city looks fantastic, the wedding suiter looks fantastic as does Jasmine, she nails it and we get a glimpse of Raga. Raga is fully CGI which is fine as computers have more than caught up to how a Tiger should look as we saw in Life of Pi and The Walking Dead.

We also see Aladdin meeting Jasmine for the first time and it’s clear that similar to the original, he has used his wishes to appear rich.

Will Smith As The Genie

Then the money shot comes with Aladdin in the cave of Wonder as it collapses and then rubbing the lamp. The Genie played by Will Smith pops out shocked that Aladdin doesn’t know who he is. It’s pretty much Will Smith playing Will Smith and the actor has some pretty big shoes to fill. Robin Williams obviously left a huge hole when he left and I don’t feel like Smith is really nailing it here like William’s was.

I love Smith and it’s a bit jarring to see the blue skin tones, maybe this will work better after some adjustment but we will have to see.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trailer as well as if there’s anything that I missed. Make sure you leave them in the comments below and if you enjoyed this then please give it a thumbs up and make sure you check out my breakdown of the child’s play remake trailer which will be linked at the end.

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