All The Times That Nick Fury Was A [SPOILER] In...

All The Times That Nick Fury Was A [SPOILER] In The MCU Explained

nick fury is a skrull mcu fan theory explained

Spider-Man Far From Home has confirmed for fans that Nick Fury is definitely a guy that you need to keep both eyes on.

With the huge post-credits revelation I thought I’d go back through the MCU and discuss all the times that Nick Fury could’ve been a…..well you know what it is.

From here on out its full spoilers ahead so if you haven’t seen Spider-Man: Far From Home yet and don’t want anything about the film ruined then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way let’s get into my MCU breakdown.

Every time Nick Fury Was A Skrull

Nick Fury first appeared in the post-credits scene of Iron-Man all the way back in 2008 and in hindsight it became clear that due to his dealings with Captain Marvel in the past that he was aware that the planet was in need of some mighty protectors because of what could be coming down the line.

Fury for me is definitely a human at this point but he could see this as the springboard to start to get contingency plans in place.

Flash forward to the Winter Soldier and this is the first time I believe that we see a Skrull in the Marvel Universe. Fury famously has an attempt on his life and after he’s attacked by the titular villain I believe he decides to go into hiding.

Cut to Fury meeting Cap in his apartment and it makes sense that due to the danger he was in that this would instead be a Skrull bodyguard. This would explain how he is able to get shot by a high caliber gun and survive long enough to make it to the hospital. Fury literally tells Cap In this scene to trust no one and we all know how Skrulls love to drop lines about deception.

Nick Fury Is A Skrull

Next is Fury’s big death scene that follows on concurrently from the prior assassination attempt. Fury’s death scene here always bothered me as I’ve never really been able to gel with his version of events and how he was able to go into hiding from here. Instead, I think that this is a Skrull on the operating table and it makes sense as to how he is able to die and come back later in the movie.

I believe that the Fury we see in the rear of the movie is the real one but then the next time we see the character in Age Of Ultron, that he is once again replaced.

So what evidence is there to support this?

Well when Carol Danvers and Nick Fury meet in a bar at about the midpoint of Captain Marvel, they test each other to see if they can prove that they are not Skrulls.

As a way to prove that he’s definitely human, Fury tells something so secret about himself that a Skrull would never know it and that is that he can’t eat toast that has been cut diagonally. It’s a pretty weird remark that seems so random that it’s strange it was even included buttttt if we look at Age Of Ultron there’s a pretty clear reason why this may have been included in the movie.

nick fury is a skrull mcu fan theory explained

Nick Fury Toast Scene In Age Of Ultron

This is because, in the farm scene from that film, when Fury reunites with the team once more, he slices up a sandwich into triangles before eating it. I know that this isn’t toast but you would think that the rules would still apply. It’s the only time that we ever really see Fury eat and those well versed in film studies know that food in films is often chosen for very deliberate reasons.

This definitely confirms for me that this Fury is a Skrull and I think it’s the case for the rest of the movie.

From here on out, I think that the Fury we see is the real one, even in the post-credits scene of Infinity War and the latter scene in Endgame at Tony’s funeral. However, this made him realise that perhaps he needs to take a step back for a bit and this is why he calls in Talos to take over in Far From Home which is when we get the big reveal.

Whether we see the character do another switcheroo remains to be seen but with Captain Marvel 2 reportedly coming out in Phase 4 we might finally get some confirmation of my theories with the characters once again interacting properly with the alien race.

I definitely think that there has been Skrulls amongst the heroes the entire time as when The Skrulls land on Earth in Captain Marvel, there’s clearly four in the group, yet only three are accounted for in the film. That means that one of them disappeared and was never seen or heard from again and therefore remained on Earth probably working with Fury and the rest of Shield.

Your thoughts

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this theory and if you agree with me or not. Comment below and let me know!

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