All Upcoming Sony Spider-Man Movies | Venom 2, ...

All Upcoming Sony Spider-Man Movies | Venom 2, Morbius, Into The Spider-Verse 2, Madame Web + More

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Throughout this, we’re gonna be discussing everything that you need to know about the lineup including Venom, Madame Web, Into the Spider-verse 2 and more.

There may be some spoilers here so if you don’t want to know anything at all about what could be happening in the movies then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into our breakdown of all the upcoming Sony Spider-man Movies.

Full Sony Spider-man Slate

Ok so before we get into this I just wanna say up top that these might not be in order, I’ve made this list going off of a tweet from Fandom confirming the line-up so thought I would just stick to that order just so there’s at least some basis from a verified account.

full spider man sony movie slate venom 2 morbius into the spider verse 2


Now the the first film in the slate will be Morbius starring Jared Leto, this has been in production for a while so it’s no real surprise here and it will likely follow the same aesthetic of setting up the villain similar to Venom.

The film will be released on the 31st of July 2020 and though we know very little about the plot at the moment there are a lot of rumors flying about, mainly centred around the cast and characters.

JK Simmons will be reportedly be returning as J Jonah Jameson and he will apparently be the first character to crossover between universes, thus connecting the MCU to the wider Sony-verse.

This comes from DR Movie News and there have also been further reports that Tom Holland will cameo in the post credits scene of the movie thus showing that the movies are tied together. Who knows, maybe they will link the two rumors with the J Jonah Jameson news report from the ending of Far From Home appearing on the news at some point in the movie and this would allow Holland and JK Simmons to feature at the same time.

In addition to this Charlamagne Tha God in a recent radio show said that his friend Tyrese Gibson who is set to start in the movie let slip that it was indeed connected and this was major news upon it’s release. I’ve already made a full video covering this story so if you want to watch the full clip from the show that goes into detail on this then I’ll leave that linked above.

I’ll put it at the end too just incase you wanna stick around for this video.

Venom 2

Next up is the already confirmed Venom 2 which we know has director Andy Serkis at the helm and will once again feature Tom Hardy in the main role. This will likely pick up on the prior events of Venom with the character going head to head with Carnage as was teased in the post-credits scene.

Venom 2 is set to release 2 October 2020 and it will follow hot on the heels of Morbius, potentially carrying on directly from some of the events set in that film.

There is also potential here for Holland to cameo and as we know from leaked reports, the actor did shoot a scene for the first film but Disney made the studio cut it due to the character being dead in Infinity War.

When promoting Zombieland 2 Venom Director Reuben Fleischer did say that it was always the studios intention to have Spider-man and Venom in the same film so this could definitely be building up to that if it isn’t put in place in this movie.

Ontop of Carnage, Venom villain Shriek is also set to feature in the film and she will potentially team up with the antagonist to provide a double threat for Venom.

Spider-Man 3 & 4

The next films on the slate are Spider-Man 3 and 4. Now whilst these probably won’t be released concurrently it does pretty much confirm that for the next 5 years at least, Spider-man will not be connected to the MCU unless Disney are able to make another deal. Sony seem very confident announcing the two films so we have to assume that three, similar to Far From Home will end in a Cliffhanger that has to be paid off in the fourth film.

The film and will apparently focus on Peter Parker being trialed with Matt Murdock as his defence artist before he goes to prison to come face to face with Vulture and Scorpion. From then on Peter will escape and come face to face with Kraven The Hunter who is trying to track down the character.

This is all rumour for the moment but the first movie is scheduled to be released on the 16th of July 2021 so we will likely be getting a lot of announcements in the next six months or so that paint out the plot details of the film.

spider man full official sony spider verse slate breakdown all announced films explained madame web venom 2 kraven the hunter into the spiderverse 2 morbius black cat

Into The Spider-Verse 2

Next up is Into The Spider-Verse 2 which is set to release in 2022 on April 8th. Recently we had a release date trailer that dropped on twitter from the official spider-verse account that hinted at some of the things that could be happening in the film.

Sony Producer Amy Pascal recently revealed that the movie will pick up on a story thread that was actually cut from the first movie and that it will also centre around a romance story between miles and Gwen Stacy. We are also going to be getting the japanese spider-man Takuya Yamashiro.

His logo style was seen for a split second in the release trailer so it is safe to assume that he will be appearing in the movie.

All Female Spider-Verse Spin-off

On top of this we are also getting a All Female Spider-Verse Spin-off that will pick up with Gwen Stacy and other characters from the spider-verse movies as they go off on their own adventure.

We have rumours that Silk and Jessica Drew will be appearing and die hard Spidey fans will no doubt be happy to see these characters on the big screen finally.

Kraven The Hunter

The next item in the slate is something that I mentioned earlier and that is The Kraven The Hunter movie. Kraven is a really really underrated Spider-man villain and there’s actually a lot of depth to the character on a psychological level. Kraven is absolutely fascinating and in the comic books he’s one of the only villains to truly beat Spider-man.

Now this is a weird one as the villain will apparently feature in Spider-man 3 so whether this will launch before that or after the events of it remains to be seen. If anything doesn’t end up going ahead I can see it being this as it just seems like a bit too much in terms of time. I wouldn’t know whether it’s best to tell a prequel or to do a sequel but Kraven did die in the comics which, if Spider-man 3 is going to adapt his major storyline, seems like a miss step. Anyway will we see but this seems like the most difficult one to pull off in the time scales from the slate.

Black Cat, Silver Sable, Silk, Jackpot, Nightwatch

Next in the slate, there’s actually five films all centered around side characters in the Spider-man universe and each one of these is apparently getting their own, standalone film.

The five films are Black Cat, Silver Sable, Silk, Jackpot and lastly Nightwatch.

Now, is this a good idea? Personally I think that this is a bit of oversaturation, however we did hear that Sony was developing TV shows centred around Spider-man characters so this could be the avenue that they take these down. Whilst they are announced as part of the film slate I think this seems far more likely and just makes a lot more sense. We know that Sony want to make TV shows for their characters and who better to pick to kick start that universe.

Madam Web

After that is the Madame Web movie. Now, this has the potential to be the film which opens up Spider-man to the multiverse, however, there seems to be quite a lot of backlash online with many people asking why characters who’ve never had a standalone comic book are getting a standalone movie.

It does seem a bit like Sony are completely milking this entire thing and honestly, I’m not too sure on this one. Are people really all that interested in Madame Web? I guess we will see but personally, this may be a pass from me unless this is something truly special.

madam web movie in development at sony pictures

Sinister Six

And lastly on the list is the Sinister Six film. Now, again this is an obvious one as Sony have been trying to build a Sinister Six movie for decades now and it looks like they finally have the opportunity to actually pull it off this time.

I’m guessing everything mentioned prior to this will build up towards it with there being a team of not only villains but also good guys that go head to head in this movie. I actually think that Venom will be the wildcard here and the final battle will be decided by which side he falls on. It could be great, it could be terrible but I guess only time will tell.

Sony Spider-Verse Slate

And that’s everything that we know about the upcoming Sony-Verse slate, there’s some really interesting projects in here and I really hope that they all get weaved into the MCU properly as I think there could be a lot of potential here for some amazing crossovers. Into The Spider-Verse 2 is probably the film that I’m most excited for as that first film is a masterpiece of animation, storytelling and in general it’s just a brilliant comic book movie.

The rest looks solid though and I think with the ability to integrate Spider-man into their movies the universe will fly, especially Venom, which always felt like it was lacking an appearance from the web head. Either way I’m really excited and I can’t believe these films are just a couple of years away as alongside the MCU releases, we have a lot to look forward to.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the slate and which film that you’re most excited for. Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please give it a thumbs up and make sure that you check out our full break down of the news that Doctor Doom will be the main villain in Black Panther 2.

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