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American Horror Story 1984: Ending Explained Breakdown & Season 9 Spoiler Review | AHS 1984

ahs 1984 series review

If you’re heavy into horror then chance are you’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of AHS 1984 for the last 9 weeks.

The season came to a close last night with its ninth episode, aptly titled ‘Final Girl’ and throughout this video, we’re gonna be breaking down everything that you need to know about the show and it’s final few scenes.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to watch the episode yet then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into our breakdown of American Horror Story 1984!

American Horror Story 1984 Recap

Ok so the season has had some massive moments, a lot of big twists and turns and the usual foray of deaths, ghosts, time jumps and more.

It’s been an awesome ride that’s pulled the rug out from under the audience’s feet several times and the finale was no different, kicking off with another massive time jump. I’m not sure we can still call it American Horror Story 1984 anymore because we pick up in 2019 with none other than Jingle’s son returning to Camp Redwood in the hopes of finding out the answers to his father. We do get flashbacks later in the episode but damn I was not expecting this for the intro, at least we get to keep our awesome 80s synth soundtrack though.

Now there were a lot of fan theories floating about online that said Finn Wittrock would be playing Jingles’ kid and these turned out to be true. This flash forward kickstarts the finale with a huge, damn, moment and reminds us of just how much American Horror Story likes to bring back old cast members in new and surprising ways.

He comes face to face with Montana early on and it’s pretty clear that she hasn’t seen anyone since we last saw her in 1989. The camp has been a desolate, graveyard for many decades and in a huge turn up for the books, she states that ‘Everyone You See Here Is Likely To Kill You’.

Nice to see that she’s had a change of heart even if she doesn’t have one anymore.

ahs 1984 series review

Aerobics Is A Joke

She then takes Jingle’s son Bobby to Trevor who is angered that aerobics is now a joke and they then inform him that Jingles is dead, explaining why it happened. We learn in the episode that Bobby had been receiving cheques his entire life from someone he presumed was his father but it turns out it wasn’t him.

From here we jump back in time to 1989 and see that Courtney is the first one offed by Margaret who is angered by the fact that big Trev is telling people about Kajagoogoo’s fate. Whilst they didn’t die in real life their careers certainly did, anyway, Margaret starts another killing spree and shoots Trevor in his elephant trunk.

I absolutely love it when the show goes into rampage moments like this and it didn’t disappoint. Also can you believe that Leslie Grossman is 48, damn, she looks good.

Trevor tries to crawl across the border to the camp to ensure that they’d be together for eternity and with a little help from Brooke he manages to get across.

An Act Of Kindness

Now, this act of kindness by the character ends the killing spree of the ghosts and they also tie up a lot of the loose ends from Margaret which included finally killing Richard Ramierez aka the Night Stalker. I had to go back and re-record this bit cos I called him Nightcrawler, from the X-men, yeah drop a thumbs up if you think I’m an idiot.

In one of the best scenes of the season they all stood around him doing the best circle jerk, I mean killing I’ve seen on tv for a while and yeah, one of the best deaths thus far.

Anyway, since then they’ve managed to keep Richard Ramierez quiet since but it all goes pear-shaped when he is finally freed by satan and he tries to murder Bobby. Luckily Bobby gets away and makes it all the way to Red Meadows Asylum where he comes face to face with Donna who answers a lot of the questions that viewers may have had up until this point.

After Brooke seemingly died fighting Margaret, Donna became the titular final girl. The ghosts all teamed up to top the death of Richard Ramierez and cut her limb from limb before throwing her into a big woodchipper.

I was dying at this point, yeah awesome way to get rid of the big bad of the season.

Brooke Lives?

After it seems like he’s gotten all the answers, Bobby thanked Donna for sending him the money as he drew the conclusion that it had been her all this time, however in another twist that you probably saw coming, it turned off that Brooke had been living incognito this entire time and she survived the events of the battle with Margaret. Since then she’s gone on to live a relatively normal life, surviving the events of the camp and living in peace. She says that Bobby’s dad Jingles did that for her and since then she has been sending him money so that he too, like her, can be free of the legacy of Camp Redwood and all the lives that it had shattered.

Brooke and Donna agreed to share the position of final girl and then Bobby returned to Camp Redwood, attempting to find his father. Margaret made a comeback but just as she went to stab Bobby this was stopped and we actually got a happy ending in American Horror Story.

Dun Dun Dun, yeah I couldn’t believe it either.

AHS 1984 Ending Explained

Bobby came face to face with his Father, Grandmother and Uncle, all who died at the camp and he finally got to say farewell to them all, getting closure for what really happened all those years ago when his dad went out for a pack of smokes.

The season ends with Mike and The Mechanics singing In the Living Years which is a song that always brings a tear to my eyes as Montana triumphantly says ‘The 80s will never die’ thus ending the season.

I swear I wasn’t crying, I swear.

american horror story 1984 season 9 episode 9 ending explained spoiler talk breakdown recap and review

AHS 1984 Season Review

But what did I think of the season overall, well I’ve kinda been up and down on American Horror Story 1984, often questioning where the show was going sometimes due to the seemingly never-ending plot twists, character reveals and more. In the past I feel like this has often gotten out of hands and there have been some seasons that just descended into sheer farce due to how breakneck some of the changes were and how the show almost buckled under it’s own references and cast.

However, this was a brilliant season in the end and it had one of the most memorable moments in the shows history for it’s closer that really pulled at my heartstrings and got me sobbing like a baby by the credits.

American Horror Story certainly feels like one of the most stylistic visions that the show has ever had and this completely nailed the aesthetic of the 80s, giving us one of the best renditions of the theme song that we’ve ever had. There were brilliant nods to Halloween, Friday the 13th and many more horrors that made this time round feel like a big love letter to the fans that grew up in that era and just wanna go back.

Though we will never get to, this is an amazing trip down memory lane and it’s Easter Eggs, nods to other horror movies and just general atmosphere made this one of the best seasons of the show that I’ve ever watched.

I would definitely rank it up there with The Asylum as one of my favorites and due to the soundtrack, awesome acting, montages and over the top gore, I really got invested in this one, eagerly awaiting it’s release each week.

This is none stop fun for fans of the 80s and if for whatever reason you are here watching this video without seeing any of the season then I highly recommend that you go and get it on-demand and give it a go.

I kinda fell out of love with American Horror Story in the past because at times it just got eye rollingly bad and stupid but this even when this season wanders into that territory it feels like it’s doing it for all the right reasons and that’s why it’s a real blast to watch.

Overall I really really recommend this show and I enjoyed it a lot. It wasn’t perfect but this didn’t overstay it’s welcome and it kept the plot twists coming thick and fast so that as a viewer I felt invested throughout it.

In the end, American Horror Story 1984 was brilliant and that’s why it gets a fitting…


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Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on American Horror Story 1984 and what you took from it. Make sure you leave your review of the season in the comments section below!

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