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American Horror Story: Season 8: Episode 10: Apocalypse Then: Ending Explained

american horror story season 8 episode 10 apocalypse then full story recap ending explained spoiler talk review on the finale twist and season 9 predictions intro

American Horror Story, Season 8, has finally come to a close with what is one of the most tied together seasons of a Television show ever. Episode 10, Apocalypse Then, finally brought everything full circle and throughout this article I will be discussing the ins and outs of the Season Finale.

There will, of course, be heavy spoilers so if you don’t want to know what happens then I suggest that leave the site now.

For everyone else, Welcome to the channel, I’m Deffinition and I ruin it so you don’t have to.

Episode 10: Apocalypse Then Story Recap

By the end of Season 8 we see that the Apocalypse has been reversed and the world has been saved. However, In doing so, a new Anti-Christ has been created that will undoubtedly play a huge part in Season 9.

Focusing on this season, there are several events that lead to the final timeline correction.

Thanks to a bunch of intricately laced plans by Cordelia, both Coco and Mallory had their memories erased and were placed at outpost 3 to ensure that there were some Witches that still remained at the end of the Apocalypse. This allowed the Covent to remain dormant until necessary which is when they returned and bestowed power upon Mallory once more.

AHS Season 8 Ending Explained and Season 9 Predictions

Cordelia’s Sacrifice

There’s some huge moments that follow which involve Cordelia sacrificing herself in order to revive Mallory who was stabbed to death by her now mutant ex-boyfriend. This grants Mallory the power to travel back in time to the day that Michael aged 10 years overnight and stop him before he became unstoppable. It’s some terminator timeline fix that sees Constance kicking Michael out on the day that he killed a priest instead of sheltering and nurturing him. Michael, distraught that Constance has abandoned him, runs out into the street where he is hit by a car that has Mallory behind the wheel. If only Arnie had’ve done that we never would have gotten the terrible Terminator Genisys.

AHS Season 8: Ending Explained

Michael begged Constance to take him to the Murder House to die so that he is able to become an immortal ghost but she refuses this and tells him to go to hell which is when the character dies. It’s sort of the usual, would you go back in Time and Kill Hitler if you could debate and I’m glad that the creators of American Horror Story say ‘Yes, Yes I would’ pretty firmly with this twist.

Mallory then lets events play out as they normally would and returns to study as a student once more amongst the Witches. Because it’s now 2015, three years before the nuclear blast, Cordelia is still alive, as are the students who were slain by Michael in the future. With Mallory stopping the Apocalypse, she is now on good terms with several underworld demons and manages to negotiate Misty’s revival. Mytrle, however, remains dead due to Cordelia never needing to resurrect her. Whilst some characters are at a loss, everything seems fine by the finish of the finale.

Season 9?

However, it’s not over yet and with time being reversed this also means that Emily and Tim were never poisoned by the apples that lead to their downfall. Whilst they seemed pretty unimportant to the overall storyline of Season 8, we do indeed learn that the creators may have further plans for them in Season 9. Tim, earlier in the show was haunted by mysterious whispers and the numbers 666 that appeared on his bathroom mirror. Now that the two are free of the Apocalypse, they meet and have a son named Devan who they come home to one day and discover that he is just as evil as Michael was.

Outside, the sky turns and Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan cardinals arrive at the house to state that this is the day that they’ve been waiting for. Eagle eye viewers will recognise this phrase for when they did the same thing to Michael in the altered timeline and it hints that things are still going to go ahead with a new antichrist. As Michael stated, The Prophecy is inevitable, and it seems like Satan has a plan for every scenario.

American Horror Story Apocalypse Ending Explained Episode 10 Apocalypse Then Story Recap

The Show Doesn’t Make Sense?

Whilst some of the events now could not happen the way that they were meant to, including a vast majority of Hotel. We can assume that these events may have played out similarly due to the fact that Tim and Emily still met which showcases that the universe will find a way to correct itself and that the Apocalypse may still unwind further down the line.

Season 9, has room to pretty much do what it wants now and it will be interesting to see how it plays out with a new foundation and villain at the helm.

Your Thoughts

So, what are your thoughts on The Finale Of Season 8? Did you enjoy it and what are your top 5 seasons of the show? Comment below and let me know

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