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Ant-Man Reportedly Heading To Disney Plus Instead Of Getting Third Film | MCU NEWS

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This morning there’s been rumors released that the next Ant-man storyline will appear on Disney Plus rather than be a fully-fledged film for the franchise.

This comes directly from infamous Lord Of The Leaks himself Mikey Sutton who famously broke news about Spider-man being in Civil War back when Disney was denying it and the MCU head has built a big reputation recently for coming out with news way before it makes the headlines.

Today Mikey posted the following discussing Ant-Man’s return.

Ant-Man 3 On Disney Plus?

When Ant-Man was released in 2015, Marvel Studios didn’t have access to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four yet. It was easier, and perhaps necessary, for them to take chances on lesser-known characters that they owned the rights to. But with the mutants and the FF now in the Disney catalog awaiting theatrical space after billions spent on Fox, it will become tougher for even the smallest of heroes to find a spot on the roster. I found out before D23 that the sequel to Ant-Man and the Wasp wasn’t going to be announced there.

Why is that?

First, I love the Ant-Man movies; they’re among my favorites in the MCU. Witty, quirky, and fun, they capture childhood memories of reading Bronze Age Marvel Comics. Modestly budgeted (both below $200 million), the Ant-Man movies were certainly hits, especially overseas. They grossed in the $500-$600 million range worldwide, which was what they were expecting.

However, when you have heavy hitters like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four on the bench and you can only produce a certain amount of movies every year, you have to prioritize. I was told weeks ago that Disney is weighing options for the Ant-Man franchise, and that leads to Disney+.

It may seem like a step down, but it isn’t. The Disney+ Marvel shows are Feige productions with large budgets. As of this moment, Ant-Man is headed to Disney+ in the form of a mini-series. This could change; however, Marvel Studios wants to pursue new genres with Shang-Chi and Blade while tapping into the Fox IPs in the future.

The Ant-Man franchise is literally made for Disney+. They were highly popular with families, the core Disney+ demographic. They weren’t made to be billion-dollar blockbusters, and this will enable them to flesh out the supporting cast of characters such as Luis.

Every day is like Sunday,

Mikey Sutton

ant man 3 disney plus news marvel phase 4 lineup antman and the wasp sequel announced mikey sutton mcu breaking story 2

Ant-Man Series?

Now whether this turns out to be true or not and I have to reiterate that this is a rumor, it does make a lot of sense. Ant-Man when you look at grosses always makes a profit but in terms of the other films, I think it’s fair to say the movie’s box office is rather moderate. As Sutton says the character is built for families and Scott, Hope and Cassie certainly feel a better fit, to me at least, to be in a tv show rather than a full film.

This could also explain why we never got an announcement of a third film in the phase 4 lineup. Ant-man’s films to this point have been rather, small scale, excuse the pun and there’s no reason why he can’t adapt to the smaller screens, excuse the pun again, to flesh out his story.

We know that Disney Plus has been put in place for characters like this so it makes a lot of sense to really use the platform to tell these kinds of stories and I think even if the rumor is unverified it does sound like it has the potential to be true. Reading the headline and report, this just makes sense and seems to be a smart move on Disney’s part who now have attained so many franchises that it makes sense to shift things about.

I think it’s a big win for Disney Plus too and almost makes the platform required at this point because of all of the big shows that it has on it.

Paul Rudd is of course really busy too with the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot and the new Netflix show that he’s doing which could branch off into a second season if it’s successful so it makes sense in terms of his calendar too.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and if you think it’s fair or not to the character. Comment below and let me know!


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