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Aquaman: Ending Explained, Easter Eggs + Post Credits Scene Breakdown [Spoiler Talk Review]

aquaman ending explained spoiler talk review and post credits scene break down on the 2018 dc comic book movie intro

Aquaman sends out 2018 out on a high. This has arguably been the best year for comic book movies ever and the film possesses an ending and post-credits scene which both have a lot to unpack from them.

Throughout this article I will be breaking down everything that you need to know about the movie and its post-credits scene as well as where I think the franchise will go in the future. There will be heavy spoilers and this is definitely a film that I recommend that everyone sees without having the events in it spoiled for them so you have been warned.

For everyone else, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the website where I ruin it so you don’t have to!

Aquaman: Plot Summary And Easter Eggs

The film opens on Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper that discovers Queen Atlanna, washed upon the shore. Atlanna fled from Atlantis after she was almost forced to marry a man that she didn’t love and her and Tom fall for one another and have a child named Arthur.

One day, Atlantis forces arrive at the lighthouse and attempt to take Atlanna in. Whilst she defeats them she realises that Atlantis will forever put her and her family in danger so returns to the sunken city.

Tom still walks to the end of his lighthouse Jetty every day but she never return and Arthur grows up and heads out into the world.Aquaman Ending Explained Review

The Events After Justice League

The rest of the film picks up after the events of Justice League and loosely follows the Justice League, New 52 Graphic Novel: Throne Of Atlantis. In that Atlantis began a war with the surface world after a Naval attack and this movie too follows that narrative.

Similar to that story, Atlantis is now lead by Orm, who is revealed to be Aquaman’s half-brother. We discover that Orm lead a false flag attack after hiring Black Manta to steal a submarine earlier in the film. Manta was stopped by Aquaman and his father was killed during the faceoff after Aquaman refused to save him.

Fearing that the war will kill billions, Mera returns to the surface in order to get Arthur to return to Atlantis, defeat his brother and reclaim the Throne. Arthur hates Atlantis as he learned that his mother was sent to The Trench and killed for bearing him but he agrees to return after a tidal wave destroys the town he lives in.

However, when he arrives at the city, Arthur is arrested and Orm challenges him to combat in the ring of fire to decide who should be the rightful king. Arthur is defeated pretty easily as he has never fought underwater, whereas Orm has. Just before he is killed Arthur is rescued by Mera and the two set out to discover the trident of Atlan, Atlantis’ original king.

The Trident

This trident will allow the bearer to control all ocean life but is hidden away with its location unknown.

Orm tasks Manta, who is still angry with the death of his father, with tracking down and killing the two. He grants him Atlantean technology which Manta upgrades and uses to assault Mera and Arthur. They apparently manage to kill Manta and head out to the trench.

They’re attacked by the monsters that live there but manage to escape and make it to the earth’s core. This feels like it has been ripped straight out of the land before time and the two discover that Atlanna is still alive and has been living here all along.

Aquaman Ending Explained

Arthur gets the trident and returns to stop Orm and his army before they can defeat the King Of The Brine and combine their forces to take on the surface world. In what is the best underwater battle I’ve ever seen, Arthur uses the trident to control all of Orm’s forces and stops them, defeating Orm in the process.

Arthur is proclaimed the King Of Atlantis and spares his brothers life. He will now bring the two worlds together as one and bridge the gap between the species. Saving the world from destroying itself in the process.

Tom walks to the end of the pier to be finally greeted by Atlanna once more and the two share a kiss, symbolising the bonding of the two worlds in what is one of the best final scenes in a comic book movie since The Dark Knight Rises.

Aquaman Post Credits Scene

Aquaman: Post Credits Scene

The Post Credits Scene of Aquaman brings back one of the films main villains, Black Manta. Manta has been rescued by Dr. Stephen Shin, after falling to his apparent death. Dr. Shin is obsessed with finding Atlantis and Manta agrees to take him there which beautifully sets up a sequel. Those who are aware of Shin’s backstory in the comic books will know that the Doctor was a friend of Tom Curry, Aquaman’s father. It’s unclear exactly what direction the cinematic universe will take the character in, however, in the comics he is pretty much an Ally to Aquaman but his allegiance with Black Manta in this storyline makes it seem like he will be an adversary

Black Manta is, of course, one of Aquaman’s greatest villains. In the comic books he’s been in several teams, including the Suicide Squad, though I doubt that they will include him in the movie version. Aquaman accidentally killed Manta’s father at one point and this sent the villain on a crusade to kill all of Aquaman’s close friends and family.

It’s definitely an aesthetic I’d love to see them adopt in the films and hope that this is the way the rivalry goes between the two.

Your Thoughts

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