Aquaman: Unite The Seven Poster: Finally Explained

Aquaman: Unite The Seven Poster: Finally Explained


Way back in 2015, Warner Brothers released an Aquaman Poster for their upcoming film: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Moustache. At the time we had no idea of what this entailed, what the terrible MARTHA scene would do to our dreams or what the ‘Unite The Seven’ slogan that was emblazoned over the top of it meant.

The internet was awash with theories but most thought the tagline referred to the supergroup’s founding members — Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.

When the film got released we quickly realised the only seven in the film was in it’s Rotten Tomato’s score and fans waited with baited breath for Justice League to reveal the answer.

Once again we received no more information, however, the question of its meaning finally seems to be answered with the newest details on the Aquaman Solo movie which is set to be released in December.

Aquaman Unite The Seven Poster Explained

On a recent set visit, learned the tagline was referring to the seven kingdoms of Atlantis and not the seven superheroes that make up the Justice League.

According to the blog, in the movie the aquatic civilisation Atlantis fell into the sea 5,000 years ago and became seven different kingdoms: Trench, Brine, Xebellian, the Fisherman kingdom, the Atlanteans and a missing kingdom.

As it’s been three years since the poster first hit the internet, many fans had worked this out already but it’s great that we finally get some confirmation on it. Even though we all know deep down that Warner Brothers probably had no idea what they were doing as per usual and are now just changing their universe to fit a huge mistake that they never should’ve done in the first place and OH MY GOD IS THAT TWO JOKER MOVIES BEING CONFIRMED.

The only question that remains is who will unite the seven kingdoms? Will it be Jason Momoa’s musclebound, titular hero? Or perhaps big bad villain Orm, played by Patrick Wilson, will seek to harness them for his own evil ends?

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