Arrival Movie Review And The Ending Explained B...

Arrival Movie Review And The Ending Explained By Deffinition

Arrival Movie Review By Deffinition

Amy Adams And Jeremy Renner’s Alien Movie

Check out my full script for my Movie Review below.


So Arrival is the latest movie that deals with what could hypothetically happen if aliens appeared on our planet one day. But they never will, nice one America, It studies how we as a race would deal with communicating with them by following one of the best translators on earth played by amy adams. The film also deals with how the media coverage of such an event my lead to mass hysteria and we see glimpses of looting and the worst sides of civilisation. Nice One CNN! From the off this film has a very clinical feel to it, it’s very Kubrickian in it’s direction and the movie uses sound to give size and scope to the visitors.


I’ve been reading a laot of Alan Moore recently and due to this I guessed the twist of the movie within the first 5 seconds. Whenever someone talks about time I kind of know that the movie will play with these aspects and unfortunately because I guessed this it made an already slow movie by design feel even longer, that’s not to say it’s bad, it’s really well directed and has a grounded tone that’s refreshing when most alien movies are akin to independence day. Which is a cgi fuck fest, There just isn’t much to really come back to on a second watch and whilst I think this movie is good to great the first time it’s more of a thought provoking film than an alien one. It’s a sci fi film that’s more like ET and close encounters than War Of The Worlds, My girlfriend was gutted that there wasn’t any alien fights, but there was a lot of illegal alien fights, buh bum cha, nice one America, Nice One Donald Trump, gutter for her seeing this shit and also gutter for going out with me.




Overall I give the film a 7.5/10 Sorry there haven’t been many jokes this review, it’s just hard to take the piss out of a movie like this as Im not that witty


Now onto the ending


So it’s revealed that language actually crafts the way that we perceive the world around us, if we give something a name it becomes what we treat it as and in the same way that the word weapon can have negative connotations it can also be perceived as some to be positive. It’s revealed that the aliens view time as being cyclical, that everything that has ever happened and everything that will happen has already happened, as in order for it to happen in the future the things that are happening now need to happen to cause it. It’s a bit of a head fuck. In physical terms you have to view it like the same way that we view a book. Ill use watchmen for this as the character dr. manhatten has a similar ability to amy adams in this film, so humans view time chronologically, you could pick up this book and read it from start to finish from front to back and that would be how a human would view it, that’s how we see life, always moving forward and not back, however after the aliens impart their wisdom onto amy adams she is able to view life cylically and see how everything is preordained, in the same way that you could pick up this book, flip to page 63 and view that as if it’s happening now and then flip back wards to page 21 and read that as if it’s happening now, every piece is part of a puzzle that must be placed in order for the other pieces to connect, this is how amy adams is able to see the birth and death of her daughter, and even though she has to deal with the tragedy of her daughters premature death at some point in her life it is still worth it for her because she will get to live for those years happy with her daughter. It’s an allegory of life, amy adams knows that her daughter will die but still goes through it as she knows there will be good times and life experiences that will be worth it, this is the same as us, we know that one day we will die, there is going to be tragedy in our lives but the moments of happiness are worth it all. That’s probably the reason why the movie is being so critically praised as it is a lot deeper than most sci fi movies these days are










Nice One America


So that’s the ending of the movie, to me anyway, what did you take from it, let me know in the comments below, check out my other reviews on my website at and subscribe to my youtube channel, peace out bitches

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