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Avengers: Endgame: Everything We Know So Far: CinemaCon Footage, Confirmed Screening Plot Leaks, Clips, Professor Hulk + More

Avengers Endgame Everything We Know So Far Plot Leaks Cinemacon Footage Opening

Avengers: Endgame is right around the corner and naturally the internet is rife with speculation about what could happen in the film. There’s been a handful of early screenings, set photos, and clips so I thought I’d piece together everything we know so far about the movie to tell you what will happen in the first two acts.

This is all pretty watertight but take everything with a pinch of salt as the internet is still the internet.

From here on out it’s full spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to know anything about the film then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way, I hope you enjoy the video, now sit back, relax and let’s get into everything we know so far about Avengers: Endgame.

Avengers: Endgame: Opening (Cinemacon Footage)

The opener for the film is pretty much 100% confirmed due to the fact that a good chunk of it was shown at Cinemacon. Apparently, the scene which takes place in the first ten minutes of the movie showcases Tony and Nebula adrift in space with little chance of survival.

Tony records his final message to Pepper and wonders if he’ll ever make it out of the situation. There are flashbacks to the Cave from the original Iron-Man and this opener serves as a sort of reimagining of his time there as the two try to get back to Earth.

Now how they get back is highly contested so I thought I’d give you the two versions that I’ve seen publicised the most.

In version one, apparently Tony uses pieces of Nebula to repair the ship and that’s how two make it back to Earth.

The second version, which sounds a lot more likely, involves the two discovering some Annulax batteries that Rocket stole during the course of Guardians Of The Galaxy Volumer Two and they use these to repower the ship.

Either way, both sources agree that after they start the engines the title card comes up.

Early Screening

The next part comes from an early screening of the film and has been verified by quite a few sources on reddit. In the scene following the title card we see Thanos on Titan 2 alone and meditating. The ghost of Gamora appears and says that she forgives him for his actions and states that he was right before she disintegrates and shows that it’s just Thanos using the reality stone to make himself feel better.

This not only shows that Thanos has some doubt over whether the snap was the correct course of action to take but it also confirms that the Infinity Gauntlet still works.

avengers endgame how do tony and nebula survive

Ant-man In The Quantum Realm

Next, we cut to Antman who is hurtling through the Quantum Realm. He sees visions of the past, future and present before eventually escaping but landing a few weeks after the snap happened. This comes into play later and is one of the main plot aspects that almost every source is confirming.

Flash to Rhodey and Captain America at a snap support meeting in which the latter clearly hasn’t moved on. We follow the two back to Avenger’s HQ and there are some establishing shots of NYC that show the damage that the snap caused.

Unfortunately, as the snap wiped out half of all life, a lot of things like trees, insects and bacteria were destroyed so the ecosystem of the planet is in turmoil.

Thor is visited by Valkeryie and the two discuss fighting Thanos as soon as possible. Valkeryie dissuades him from doing this and says that he shouldn’t attack before he’s ready which is when she confirms that the surviving Asguardians have found a new place to live on Earth on a remote island. Rocket has joined them as he’s an alien too which is when we get a signal from the Benatar that Nebula and Tony are incoming.

Trailer Reunion

They arrive on Earth, Tony reunites with Pepper and heads towards the Avenger’s base. Rocket holds hand with Nebula as he’s super depressed that all his friends are dead now.

avengers endgame captain marvel

Captain Marvel: Post Credits Scene

Back at the Avengers Base a computer alarm sounds and the group go to see that Fury’s beacon has stopped transmitting the message that leads them to it in the first place. This scene was shown at the end of Captain Marvel so we can confirm this is how it goes down.

Tony, Thor, Nebula, and Rocket approach the Avengers HQ. Thor senses an Infinity Stone nearby and they prepare for a fight with Thanos as they soar into the compound which brings them head to head with Captain Marvel. There’s a nice little action scene that gets broken up by the Avengers stating that she’s an ally and they start to discuss their plan.

Thor says that as Captain Marvel gives off the same energy as an Infinity Stone they can use it to track Thanos.

Rhodey and Banner believe that nothing can be done but Steve and Natasha, now joined by Captain Marvel, believes that they can take the fight back to Thanos.

This has all been confirmed by the clip that was shown on Good Morning America and then released by Marvel.

Taking The Fight To Thanos

The group decide to suit up and head out, they use Captain Marvel as a guide and find Thanos on Titan 2 which is in ruins due once again to the life there slowly being ripped apart by The Snap.

Thanos cannot see all the damage that he has done and the group fight him. The reason that Thanos is wearing armour now is because in Infinity War he arrogantly didn’t use it and almost died at the end even with the Infinity Stones and Gauntlet complete. He has been expecting a counter attack and is ready for it, easily beating the Avengers again and this time warning them not to come back.

They return to Earth pretty disheveled which is when Ant-Man shows up. He tells them that he can use the Quantum realm to travel through time and that they can split off into teams and try and take the Infinity Stones back, thus preventing the snap.

Hawkeye Recruitment

The Avengers want to go all out so Black Widow heads out to recruit Hawkeye who’s family all died in the snap.

They suit up and break off into groups, traveling to different points in MCU history for when the Infinity Stones were in play. Iron-Man, Hulk and Ant-Man go to The Battle Of New York which we’ve seen in leaked photos to get the Soul Stone. Rocket, Nebula and War Machine go to the end of Guardians Of The Galaxy. Thor and Hulk return to Thor The Dark World to get the Aether and Tesseract. Captain Marvel goes to the Soul Stone and Black Widow and Hawkeye sneak into Kathmandu.

And that’s everything we know so far about the Plot.

Avengers Endgame Everything We Know So Far Plot Leaks Cinemacon Footage Opening

Professor Hulk

There are also several indications that professor Hulk will appear in the film and this has been confirmed by action figures and concept art.

For those who don’t know, Professor Hulk is the perfect meld between Hulk and Bruce Banner and the evolved character features the brains of BB and the strength of the lean green machine. It’s probably the perfect match for Thanos who not only has the Hulk’s strength but also possesses a high level of intelligence.

I can definitely see this being brought into the film and it would add a neat twist on the character going forward.

Whilst I’ve read numerous leaks on the rest of the movie, they all seem to slight contradict the confirmed reports so it’s a bit difficult wading through all the chaff to bring you the facts.

Your Thoughts

Overall though I’d, of course, love to hear your thoughts on the movie and if there are any other confirmed leaks that I missed out.

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