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Avengers: Endgame: Original Ending Explained | Katherine Langford Cameo Confirmed

avengers endgame original ending explained katherine langford cameo

Avengers: Endgame is the perfect way to end the last 11 years of the MCU. Its finale brings together the entire ensemble of Marvel characters in an epic showdown against the Mad Titan Thanos.

Though the film feels pretty fitting in it’s final few moments, there actually was an original ending that saw a slightly different send-off for one of our heroes and throughout this article I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about the first cut of the film.

This is full spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet then I highly recommend that you turn this video off as we will be discussing some of the big moments in it’s last half hour.

For everyone who’s still here, thanks for clicking the video, I hope that you enjoy it, now sit back relax and let’s get into my Original Ending Explained Breakdown For Avengers Endgame.

Avengers: Endgame Ending Explained

Ok so Endgame concludes with Tony Stark taking the Infinity Stones from Thanos and using them to carry out the snap. Though this defeats all of the villain’s forces and dusts the antagonist as well, carrying out the snap causes Tony to critically damage himself.

Whilst in the final cut Tony there is a flash of bright light and Tony is told that everyone will be ok before passing away, originally the Russo Brothers, who directed the film, had the character transported to the soul stone similar to the scene from Infinity War where Thanos is reunited with a young Gamora.

In the scene with Tony, he arrived there to find a teenage version of his daughter who was played by none other than 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford. Langford’s casting was quite heavily reported on throughout last year but many were dismayed to see that she wasn’t in the finished product.

So this is where she came into the movie, in a switch on Gamora she told Tony that his sacrifice was worth it and that they were all going to be okay because of him.

The Russos said that whilst the scene did work on paper, upon previewing it with test audiences they found it confusing and didn’t understand who this person was. Basically, imagine the Iron-Man 3 kid saga all over again and you get the jist of it. I can see why it was cut as dialogue wise it’s pretty similar to what Pepper says and is sort of covering the same ground in what is already a pretty packed film.

In addition to this we do see Morgan at the funeral so it sort of brings up more confusion. Personally, though I would’ve liked to have seen it as I think it’s a pretty cool callback to Infinity War and it showcases that Tony was happy with his decision whereas you get the feeling that Thanos wasn’t.

Still, the send-off that we got was good enough but it’s nice to know that even beyond these movies, Morgan will be ok which is of course what Tony wanted most of all.

avengers endgame original ending explained katherine langford cameo

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