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Avengers: Secret Wars & Battleworld Reportedly Leaked As The Next Big MCU Event | Everything We Know About The Spoilers

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If you’ve been keeping up to date with the channel then you’ll know that yesterday I reported on a huge leak on the upcoming Phase 5 and 6 slate of the MCU as well as where the universe will be heading in the future.

The leaks reported by industry insider TVO unearthed all the big changes in the MCU including its new villain and all of the casting news that could be coming our way. If you’d like to see more of the leaks just click here Marvel Phase 5 and 6 Leaks.

For this, I just want to focus purely on one key part of the news which is that the next Avengers film will be called Secret Wars and how it will drastically change the landscape of the MCU.

This is full spoilers ahead and whilst all leaks like this should be taken with a grain of salt there’s a lot that lines up here and seems like a natural progression for the universe. Either way, there are potentially huge spoilers here so if you don’t want anything about the upcoming films ruined then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way, I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video. Now let’s get into my breakdown of the Avengers: Secret Wars Leaks.

Avengers Secret Wars Movie Leaks

First up TVO said that the next big Avengers Endgame level event will be Secret Wars which will be built up to in phases 4,5, and 6. With the new phases only lasting for about 2 years this means that Marvel are kinda steamrolling ahead with this and that we will be getting the huge crossover event in 6 years which is almost half the time that it took to get to the Infinity War Saga.

For those who don’t know, Secret Wars is actually a relatively new Comic Book story that was actually only released in 2015. Whilst it has the same name as the 1984 comic book it’s a completely different entity and it actually changed the Marvel Universe in several ways.

next avengers movies lineup leaked news explained secret wars battle world rumors breakdown cast lineup and story doctor strange multiverse of madness house of m TVO 2

Secret Wars And Battleworld Explained

At it’s core it pretty was about Marvel wiping the slate clean and it involved the destruction of a vast amount of alternate timelines such as Ultimate Marvel, Age Of Apocalypse, House Of M and it eventually lead to a new Earth being formed that was made up of all the shattered parts of the timelines which was known as Battleworld.

This is interesting because TVO also name-dropped Battleworld in the leaks and said that after the events of Secret Wars that the Marvel Universe would be split into several sectors, in an almost Game Of Thrones like manner, with there being several territories spread across the world.

The leak said that Doctor Doom would end up controlling Europe after having been introduced in the Fantastic Four Movies and that The Mandarin would control Asia. The Mandarin is of course already confirmed as the new big bad of the Shang-Chi film so if he survives at the end of the film then it’ll definitely add a lot more weight to this rumor. Red Skull is reportedly returning and the villain will rule over America and have U.S. Agent as his henchmen. U.S. Agent is supposedly going to make his debut in the Falcon And Winter Soldier show and will be an enemy to the two titular characters who are still outlawed after the events of Civil War.

U.S. Agent is a government-appointed Captain America and if the rumors are correct then he will be going head to head with Falcon for the mantle throughout the Disney plus series.

Apparently, at Red Skulls side he will help to keep order over the U.S. before betraying him further down the line to join the good guys.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

The MCU hasn’t really set up that many alternate universes at the moment so Secret Wars will likely be similar to Age Of Ultron where they adapt minor elements but stick to the status quo. However, if they are dealing with alternate timelines and so on, as has been slowly getting introduced to the MCU in Endgame, Far From Home and of course the upcoming Doctor Strange film, then this could potentially show the full breadth of the multiverse and it would also allow Mutants to come to the main timeline, only to be stuck there due to their universe being wiped out by Secret Wars.

Scott Derickson, who is directing Doctor Strange also posted a multiverse image to Twitter recently and this could also be teasing House Of M which would, of course, add more weight to the Secret Wars theory.


The Multiverse Of Madness could potentially bring forth hundreds of different timelines and the movie could leave this open to being dealt with fully in the future Avengers film. I have no doubt that Doctor Strange will become a member of The Avengers team so it makes sense that these two films could tie together.

The Secret Wars storyline itself ends in a battle between Doctor Doom and Black Panther, the latter of which has the Infinity Gauntlet. This is interesting as the infinity stones were returned to their own times in the MCU and the Gauntlet has been replicated so with Black Panther now being a prominent character, this could definitely be the final battle.

Secret Wars Ending Explained

After the world is pretty much in ruin, Doom surrenders his powers and the world is healed into a world known as Earth Prime which most notably sees Miles Morales joining it. This would definitely be huge for the MCU and due to the success of Into The Spider-verse I can definitely see Marvel wishing to bring him to the big screen. Doctor Doom is also revealed to no longer be disfigured at the end of this storyline, so if he is introduced in the Fantastic Four film as the main villain then this Avengers Movie could potentially be the end of his arc with the character getting redemption by it’s close.

Whilst the other leaks from TVO said that Galactus would too be joining the MCU as one of the next big villains I actually think that Marvel will save him more for the cosmic side of the MCU before slowly introducing him to the Earth Characters similar to how Thanos was weaved throughout Guardians before becoming such a big force in the Infinity Saga.

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