BATMAN 2021 UPATES: New Batsuit Details, Hidden...

BATMAN 2021 UPATES: New Batsuit Details, Hidden Logo Meaning, Cars, Potential Catsuit Release Date & More

Batman Batsuit Details confirmed

Throughout the video we’ll be discussing the new Batsuit information, the hidden easter eggs in the film’s logo, the potential Catsuit release date and a lot more.

There may be some spoilers here so if you don’t want to know anything about the film then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of The Batman 2021.

The Batsuit New Information

Though we still haven’t had a look at the Batsuit just yet, there’s actually been a couple of big social media posts this week that tease what it could look like and confirm a couple of things.

Earlier in the week, Skull101ify mocked up some fan art using the Batman: Noel suit from the game Arkham Knight and Robert Pattinson’s chin.

Batman Batsuit Details confirmed

There’s thousands of these kinds of images across the internet however, not only was this image posted by Heroic Hollywood it also got shared by Lee Bermejo who said ‘oh the irony here…’

Now why this is important is because Bermejo is actually the artist who created the ‘Noel suit’ and after designing it all the way back in Batman/Deathblow: After The Fire, it’s made appearances in all of the books from the artist.

Initially there were reports that Batman’s costume for the film would draw heavily from the Bermejo design and the artist did also reshare some fan art of this late last year which seemingly confirmed it.

Could Bermejo posting ‘oh the irony here…’ signify that it’s actually very close to the batsuit that fans have been eagerly awaiting. Well, personally that’s how I take it.

What if this image is so close to it that it’s ironic we are waiting for it when we’ve pretty much already seen what it looks like.

We don’t know and the post is so enigmatic that the Riddler could have posted it himself but I definitely think it once more co-oberates that we will be seeing something similar to it in the finished product.

Glass Eyes

Some die-hard dark knight fans have been calling out for the white glass eyes for a while to be brought across to the final design but it looks like we are going to be getting the mascara laden cowl that we’ve seen in every live-action version batman film so far.

This is because Robert Pattinson was seen out and about earlier in the week and a fan got a photo of him that clearly showed the actor wearing Guy Liner.

Batman Batsuit Updates

A lot of people said he looked tired, some said he’d taken Kristen Stewart’s mascara in the divorce and others said to ‘grow up and stop watching comic book movies’.

Whilst initially people did think it was a mountain out of a molehill, the actor did appear later with the cast of birds of prey and he seemingly was wearing the eyeliner once more.

We even got to see Harley Quinn having a Bowling Match with Batman and yeah the group does seem to be having a great night.

But where was my invite and what does this signify?

Well as The Batman is shooting right now, it does seem to confirm that we will be getting the eyes in the cowl.

Films tend to always want to show the eyes as they massively help to emote and I did suspect that this would be the case. The MCU thought their way through this with Iron-Man after placing a helmet cam and Spider-man’s eyes, of course, react to things as they go on.

Batman has always been a more difficult one but it looks like they’re keeping in line with the Bermejo cowl and bringing for the eyes and guyliner once more.

The Batman Logo

As for the Logo, you may have seen that we posted recently that Matt Reeves posted the clapperboard for the film in it’s first day of shooting.

Fans actually blew up the text that was on the item and placed it against a white background and there’s actually a lot of cool little easter eggs and hints for fans.

the batman logo

It was revealed that the letters themselves all have hidden little tidbits in them that add a lot more weight to the theory that this will be used as the final logo for the film.

If we zoom in on the A we can see what is the silohette of a Penguin. Colin Farrel is of course playing the villainous crime boss of Gotham so this is a nice little nod to him.

There are also aspects of the logo that look like Gotham’s Skyline. We do know that the movie is shooting in Glasgow and though the city doesn’t really have a collection of Skyscrapers that could be incorporated into it’s architecture, it is possible through CGI that this is suggesting that they are going to be adding things digitally.

Gotham is, of course, a huge Metropolis and with Glasgow being a typical City in the U.K. I do think that this highlights that structures may be added in post.

There’s also a crevice that looks like it could have a Question Mark symbol there for The Riddler.


According to the Daily Record, a message was posted on the American Muscle Scotland Facebook group that said The Batman was requesting fans bring in American cars from the 80s all the way up to present-day to feature in the background of scenes.

We did originally speculate that The Batman would be set in the late 90’s early 2000’s but this post has made some think that it will be set in modern-day.

Personally I still think it may be a period piece and these cars will be put in place to give the movie a more timeless feel. A lot of properties such as Batman 1989 and The Animated Series have pulled from lots of different time periods in order to create the overall feel of Gotham and it would make sense to mimic this here with audiences being unable to get a proper feeling of exactly when the film was supposed to be set.

Catsuit Release Date

Finally, there’s actually a lot of buzz online that we may get either our first look at the Catsuit, Batsuit or both on Valentine’s day. According to insiders Warner Bros could be releasing an image of comic books biggest caped crusading couple to celebrate the special occasion but we are yet to verify it.

It does seem to be floating about and there were actually a couple of tweets flying around that have since been deleted that said we may see something similar to the image on screen right now.

This would not show batman but it would tease the costume slightly and give us a first look at Catwoman who as of now hasn’t had as much hype surrounding her.

I think this would be an awesome thing for fans and though I’m not sure whether we will see the Batsuit just yet, it is good to hear that the release may be right around the corner.

It would be amazing to get this and then another image of The Batsuit and Batmobile together.

Valentine’s day is a date that has been dropped a couple of times online in terms of the date that we could be getting it but I guess we will just have to see.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the updates and what you wanna see in the film. Comment below and let me know!

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