BATMAN 2021 UPDATES: Villains Confirmed, Two-Fa...

BATMAN 2021 UPDATES: Villains Confirmed, Two-Face, Logo, Fake Batmobile, Andy Serkis, Penguin & More


Every week same Bat time, same Bat channel we do a big breakdown on all of the updates on the upcoming film starring the caped crusader and this week there’s a lot to unpack.

The film officially started it’s principal photography this week and we’ve learned a lot from it’s cast list including who the villains will be and more.

Throughout this, we’re just gonna be breaking it all down and giving our thoughts on what it means.

There may be some spoilers here so if you don’t want to know anything about the film then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into our breakdown of The Batman 2021.

Batsuit and Batmobile

this week we’ve had no updates on the Batsuit or Batmobile. However, there has been a lot of fake news flying about in regards to the car from a number of different sources.

The first one looked like a nice muscle car that was in line with the descriptions that we got on the vehicle, however, this is actually from Movieworldaustralia so yeah, don’t let the Joker clickbait you.


The second that was floating around made it look like it had jet engines attached to it, however, this was from Warner Brothers Dubai.

There is a tonne of fake stuff floating about in regards to the movie and personally I don’t think that we will see the Batmobile or Batsuit until Matt Reeves wants us to. Even the world’s greatest detective will have trouble leaking it as these things are in high-security vaults, locked in the Batcave so yeah, next time you think the batmobile has been posted just go in with some skepticism because there’s so much of this kinda thing popping up every day.

The Logo

The week started off with Matt Reeves officially announcing that filming had begun.

Ah look I got a notification, oh it’s a fake batmobile.

We did believe that it started in London a couple of weeks ago but we now know that this was mainly for location scouting as well as the cast getting their costumes fitted. Occasionally they do photoshoots during this time so things can be used in marketing and this is probably what happened then.

So yeah, Pattinson could still show up on a motorbike at some point as well as the Gotham Action News Vans and so on.

Matt Reeves announces batman filming

The clapperboard states that the film will be shot 2:39:1 which is widescreen to you and that it will be 24 frames per second, which is standard across the board. This won’t be like Gemini man which was shot at a headache-inducing 120 fps.

The logo itself actually reminds me a lot of the Batman Beyond one and I love the red lettering. Whether this is used as the final font for the film we don’t know yet as sometimes studios do and sometimes they don’t. The logos often get revised so though a lot of people are saying this is the way that the film will be marketed I wouldn’t take it to be just yet.

Remember what I told you about the Joker before guys.

An interesting thing you may notice from the image is that the clapperboard is against a leather-bound chair and this will likely be one that Bruce sits and broods in.

This could be a call back to Caped Crusader’s origin story in which the character sat before he was greeted by the bat that would inspire him to become The Batman. As we know this is the first film in a new trilogy so it does make sense that they would pull from the iconography of the first comic books.

A chair like this also appeared in Batman Returns at the start of the film when Bruce was sitting about staring into space, waiting for a moment to be called upon and it’s likely that this piece of furniture comes directly from Wayne Manor.

Personally I love the look and I’m glad they’re going with this sort of aesthetic.

Villains Confirmed

Reeves also took to Twitter this morning to confirm which Batman villains would be appearing in the movie. It’s long been thought that they would be The Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman and no matter how many times We Got This Covered tells you there will be 8 villains in it, the image that was posted today confirms that those are who we will be getting.

Though we haven’t seen their costumes yet, this is a nice little callback to the 1966 version of the Dark Knight.

Backing this up is also an official cast list that outlines who everyone will be playing and once more it lists these three.

There were rumors and a lot of articles published recently that said that Harvey Dent would also be in the film and that this could tease Two-Face but going off this official cast list from Warner Bros. it doesn’t look like he will be in the film.

Batman Castlist

These cast lists can always be amended so don’t count the character out just yet but they may be saving him for a sequel similar to how the Dark Knight did.

Andy Serkis Is Alfred

What it does confirm though is that Andy Serkis will indeed be playing Bruce Waynes Butler, the infamous Alfred. Serkis has long been thought of as playing the part and he’s had a very close relationship with Matt Reeves since they worked together on the Planet Of The Apes trilogy.

This is great news and I’m so glad that we finally got someone who is a pretty underrated actor playing the Dark Knights number two.

Not that kinda number two, he’s not Guano man…that’s a call back to…never mind…

Serkis is known predominantly for his motion-capture work but I think he will really do well in the role and can’t wait to see him picking up glasses after Bruce in the movie.

In addition to this, we now know that Peter Sarsgaard will play Gotham District Attorney Gil Colson. So, Harvey Dent is not the DA of Gotham and he may end up being elected at some point in this movie or the next depending on if he is added to the cast list or not.

A Corrupt Gotham

Now you may have noticed from the cast list that there’s quite a lot of policemen and members of the law being added to the lineup and this actually could paint out the state that Gotham is in.

Before Batman: Year One, Gotham was always thought of as a great place that though it had crime, wasn’t the cesspool that we now know.

Frank Miller completely re-invented this and in an interview he stated that he never understood why Batman was needed when Gotham was so Good. So in his seminal graphic novel Year One, he completely flipped Gotham on its head and made it a center for corruption and deceit and thus this underworld required someone to step in and be The Batman in order to stop it.

This aesthetic has remained ever since and I definitely think with all the law enforcement officers that have been cast in the film that we will see something similar here.

the batman 2021 villains confirmed

I love watching the corrupt side of Gotham and my favorite time in Batman comics was when the caped crusader was fighting the police just as much as he was the criminals.

Hopefully, they go ahead with that as I’d absolutely love to see it in the movie and it always makes for an interesting way to portray the character.

We also have some tidbits on how some of the characters from the cast list could end up looking which I’ll get into in just a bit.

Makeup Artist

We have some news in regards to who will be doing the makeup on the project. That is Naomi Donne. Not only did she work on Skyfall but she also recently did the makeup for Overlord so as the tweet on screen rightly says, if they do end up using two-face then the character is in good hands.

This also brings up the prospect of Penguin’s nose. There’s been a lot of back and forth over whether Farrell would end up donning a prosthetic or not, however with Donne on the project it seems more likely. Donne always pushes the boat out as much as possible and if we were to hazard a guess we would say that the character will indeed be appearing with one that would make Pinnochio jealous.

Robert Pattinson Comments

The last story in regards to the film are about Robert Pattinson’s comments that he made last year in which he said that Batman wasn’t a superhero. Naturally most people didn’t really care but this sent some corners of the internet into a frenzy and the actor got a lot of backlash for it at the time.

Pattinson has since come out this morning and retracted what he said and when discussing whether the character was a superhero or not he stated the following:

“I wasn’t educated about the subject. People got very angry about it. It’s bizarre. I still can’t understand the argument. Okay, he’s a superhero, I’m sorry! The next headline: ‘Pattinson retracts: Batman is, in fact, a superhero. He takes it back.'”

So that’s all of the news, it’s pretty good that we now have a full cast list and some ideas on how the characters could look. Everything is falling together and though I do think the announcements over the next couple of weeks will be official ones instead of set leaks, there’s still a lot to look forward to.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the updates and if you’re excited for the film. Comment below and let me know!

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