Batman: Bruce Wayne: Fugitive Review

Batman: Bruce Wayne: Fugitive Review

batman bruce wayne fugitive graphic novel review

batman bruce wayne fugitive graphic novel review

Bruce Wayne: Murderer was slightly hit and miss for me. Whilst it had some stellar issues, there were a lot that just missed the mark and felt like duds overall.

As we head into the final chapter of the saga, I’m interested to see if this will go out on a high note or dig itself a deeper hole.

Throughout this review, I will be breaking down everything that you need to know about the book as well as giving my thoughts on it.

There will be heavy spoilers so if you don’t want to have anything ruined, then I highly recommend that you skip to the score.

For everyone, let’s dive into Batman: Fugitive!

Batman On The Run

Bruce Wayne is no more, The Batman is all that exists. With the playboy persona gone, Batman is now fighting crime on the streets of Gotham and it seems like there is little hope for balance in his life once more.

This all changes when an old aged detective calls on the Bat to solve the one case he never cracked: The murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

Through this revisit, Batman rediscovers the life he has cast aside and from the off, the graphic novel had its hooks in me. It’s an outstanding trip down memory lane for the Caped crusader that feels like the perfect recap of his rich history which allows him to rediscover the truth about his identity. He is, was and always will be…Bruce Wayne.

The Fall Of Azrael

As Bruce’s name is besmearched, Azrael rises to take his place once more, putting him at odds with The Dark Knight.

Whilst this storyline isn’t as enjoyable as Knight’s End, it’s still thrilling to see the two face off once more and it makes for an awesome midsection that really keeps the pace of the compendium alive.

Set to the backdrop of this is the investigation of the crime scene at Wayne Manor by Batwoman and Nightwing. It deals a few twists and turns and really stands out as a murder mystery at the level you’d expect for a book on the bat

Eventually, the Dark Knight is the one who solves the mystery of Vesper Fairchild’s murder but that doesn’t rob the book of any of its Bat Family team moments. The big reveal doesn’t disappoint either and completely caught me off guard. It ties into the bigger DC Universe and works a lot better than it would’ve had they made the killer someone who was clearly only introduced in this book to be that.

It’s a smart move overall and is a credit to the creative team’s ingenuity.

The Trial Of Sasha Bordeaux

Of course, Bruce Wayne wasn’t the only one implicated in the murder that happened at his mansion and his Bodyguard, Sasha never had the luxury of escaping from prison.

Thus her trial goes ahead she is found guilty and it becomes a real focus for The Dark Knight. I loved watching the no-name character struggle with day to day prison life and she has by far one of the most interesting arcs in the entire storyline.

Her relationship with Bruce shows just as much about him as it does her and it’s a masterful stroke that demonstrates why Bruce has so much trouble getting to know people.

In the end, the redemption of Sasha is as a revelation as it is for Bruce and I loved watching him take the lessons that he learns from her and apply them to his own life. It makes for a brilliant evolution in the character as we head into the finale.

The Mark Of Cain

The Finale concludes in a way that I didn’t expect, with David Cain taking the centre stage and realising that he must do the right thing.

This in a way repairs his relationship with Batgirl and makes for a fitting final few pages that really feel like they are building a family in their own twisted way.

It’s a great send off and one that finishes the book off on a high note.

The Verdict

Batman: Fugitive massively improves on its predecessor and makes for a fantastic climax that is packed with twists and turns.

Every character gets their moment and it manages to create engaging scenarios for all those involved.

It’s a great book and if you were put off by the first graphic novel then I highly recommend that you give this one a go.

Batman: Fugitive gets an…


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