Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album Review

Batman/Catwoman: The Wedding Album Review

Batman Catwoman The Wedding Album Graphic Novel Review

Batman Catwoman The Wedding Album Graphic Novel Review

Comic’s most prestigious crime-fighting couple are finally tying the knot!

After being teased for years DC finally decided to make the bold move and have the two wed one another. There is a lot to unpack here and there will be heavy spoilers so it may be worth skipping to the score if you want to go in with fresh eyes.

With that out the way, let’s jump into The Wedding Album!

Every Epilogue Is A Prelude

The book opens with Batman discussing life as a superhero with Gotham Girl. Those who aren’t fully up to speed with Rebirth may get a bit lost in the dialogue. It’s awash with nods to arcs throughout the years and those not in the know may not enjoy all of the nuances presented here.

In contrast, those who are in the know will see this as a gentle reminder of Batman’s life in the current reincarnation. The issue was originally printed as part of Batman: Rebirth: Deluxe Edition 1 and if you own any of the hardcovers printed thus far, the book will be a double dip for you, which may not seem like great value.

However, this is quintessential reading for any hardcore fans of The Dark Knight and honestly, I didn’t mind the retread through the stories of the two meeting. What King expertly does is that he updates and recontextualises classic moments from both of the character’s rich histories so that they all tie together beautifully to tell the doomed romance between the two. I absolutely loved seeing the costumes of yesteryear reappear and what the graphic novel does expertly is that it celebrates two of pop cultures biggest icons in incredible fashion that feels more like a milestone in the media than a simple story of love.

Batman and catwoman get married

‘The rooftop, it’s where we’ll always be’

As the ceremonial arrangements begin to get made the book really steps into a league of its own. Featuring work from a wide range of artists on each page, the work is gripping, beautiful and it feels like the rightful treatment for a moment of this magnitude.

My favourite piece is that of Lee Bermejo who beautifully uses blacks and reds to showcase the darkness and heat between the two. It’s stellar art that sits atop of many of the brilliant pieces that make up the graphic novels midsection and I fell head over heels with both its storytelling and presentation. Fans of the Dark Knight’s rich history will find their favourite artists returning and it feels like a true coming together of the people at DC to celebrate the two finally tying the knot.

DC really knocked it out of the park and the graphic novel works metaphorically as a wedding as much as it does physically which is no easy feat to pull off.

Whilst we never see the two tie the knot, the piece still ascends the genre to place it as one of the best comic book weddings ever. Though it ends ambiguously, that doesn’t matter, for once the two share a moment of happiness and that is all that matter for those that love the characters.

The Verdict

Though short in length, Batman/Catwoman still leaves an everlasting impression. Packed with symbolism, callbacks and nostalgic reminders of how far the two have come, the book stands as a solid celebration of both characters.

Newcomers may not share the same kind of sentimentality that I have towards the work but I personally believe that it was outstanding. If you are a fan of the Caped Crusader or the Curious Catwoman then you need to pick this up.


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