Batman: Dark Knight 3: The Master Race Review P...

Batman: Dark Knight 3: The Master Race Review Part 5

Batman The Dark Knight The Master Race Graphic Novel Analysis and Review Story Recap By Frank Miller

Batman: Dark Knight 3: The Master Race Review Part 5 by Deffinition

Launching an attack on the Amazonians, the latter part of the book feels like a beautiful depiction of war. It’s thrilling to see Wonder Woman rise to the forefront of this saga after being solidly planted in the background. The face-off is glorious and it’s a triumphant moment that works as a stand-alone Issue and as part of the collection.

Goodbye Commissioner Yindel

Following this is the spectacular mini issue which centres around Commissioner Yindel taking down Bruno and the rest of the remaining Joker Gang. It’s very very Goddamn Frank Miller but there’s a lot to like here. Playing heavily on Nostalgia it’s a nice touch to see Bruno return, Swastika nipples and all, especially when I didn’t think the character would ever make a reappearance.

During the gunfight we get Batman’s return and the issue ends onwithim making a tough choice, saving Yindel or the city. The Commissioner makes it easy through her sacrifice and its nice to see that the character stays true to her roots, even choosing Duty over Death.

Whether she dies or not is unclear but it’s a well deserved send off to one of the sagas most controversial characters.

Superman Vs The Kandorians in Batman The Master Race

The Final Battle

In an fittingly old school Batmobile, The Caped Crusader races to face the Kandorians head on. Using Bats he disorientates the Supermen and causes them to fire upon each other.

It speaks volumes as to how much of a strategical man that Bruce remains and how fear and panic have always been his greatest allies. In the turmoil the Kandorians disband and the deserters are murdered. It’s brilliant that whilst he cannot overpower them, using psychology, Batman can still destroy them in other ways.

Superman races to take down the remainders and we come to the realisation that the boy blue scout has infact been holding back all these years. Merely a pacifist in the past he unleashes all of the power that he had to begin with. Joined by Lara and the Atom, who had merely been stuck in Basel’s shoe at an atomic level, the Super-humans return.

It’s an outstanding face off that allows Superman -‘: Lara to once again become the heroes. They have had a bad rap throughout this saga, playing the villain for the majority of it but it’s great to see that even Miller understands that at heart, The Man Of Steel and his kin are the best of us.

Batman and Carrie Kelly ending of The Master Race

A better life

Ending on Bruce and Carrie journeying off into the night and Clark teaching Lara the joys of humanity it struck me that This isn’t a book about the return of the Dark Knight. It’s about family. Bruce with no heirs had to create one by inspiring others. Clark has neglected his daughter and in some ways is responsible for her actions. Instead of going out on a Big Bang the book decides to instead end sentimentally.

It’s an inspired choice, after all this is about passing on ones knowledge to the next generation. That, to me, is what Batman and Superman now represent. Wise old men who wish to no longer see the those who follow make the same mistake.

I absolutely adored this Ending and it marks a fitting end for Batman.

The Verdict

I’m happy to say that Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: The Master Race is a great book. Whilst it features slightly lacklustre issues, as a complete collection it works brilliantly. If you read this issue by issue and were disappointed by the seemingly never ending setup and poor pacing I urge you to go back and read this collection. Some of it feels like fan fiction, some of the writing is worse than the movie scripts Gerard Butler gets sent but some of it is Frank Miller at his best.

Standing head and shoulders above The Dark Knight Strikes Again this feels like a fitting return to the saga and has many moments that rival the original book. Sure, sometimes it feels a bit by the numbers, sure this is a lot broader than the original work, sure it feels like PG-13 Miller but reigning in the creator has provided a lot of positives.

I had a great time with the arc and I am greatly looking forward to a return visit.

This is a good book…good enough

And that’s why it gets an…


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