Batman: The Killing Joke Review And Analysis Po...

Batman: The Killing Joke Review And Analysis Podcast

Batman The Killing Joke Review and Analysis by Tom Kwei and Deffinition as part of Watching The Watchmen

Batman: The Killing Joke Review And Analysis Podcast by Tom Kwei & Deffinition

If you’ve been listening to our full form Watchmen Review Podcast: Watching The Watchmen then you know that we think very highly of Alan Moore. For our mid-season break we decided to analyse one of his other famous works: Batman: The Killing Joke. This book changed many characters within the Batman Universe and took the Comic Book Industry into a new, darker direction.

An Inspiration To The Batman Movies

Often being put forward as an inspiration behind Batman’s Cinematic Works it will be interesting to see if we regard this graphic novel as highly as we have with Watchmen or whether, like Moore himself, there is fault to be had here.

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The Killing Joke Art

Batman The Killing Joke is regarded as a classic by pretty much almost every comic book reader. It shook up the DC universe quite heavily by telling Joker’s(quote) Origin Story (unquote) and placing Barbara Gordon in a wheelchair.

How does the book fit into the canon though? Does it’s short length damage its reputation? Has it aged well now that the standards have changed for modern day comics? Does it better that terrible animated movie? (Yes obviously to that last one)

BUT for the answers to my other questions, check out my review below.

Moore Moore Moore (How Do You Like It, How Do You Like It)

From the off you are instantly hit with the realistic art of the book. The prestige panelling is similar to WatchmenAlan Moore’s other famous work (that he hates), and it instantly grounds the book in a realistic, straightforward fashion. This is the polar opposite to Serious House On Serious Earth. The story seems methodical and planned from the very start which is an interesting take as with it being The Joker’s origin you would expect chaos to appear amongst the page layouts.

One of the biggest controversies of this book was it’s recolouring by Artist Brian Bolland. Originally the art work was quite zany and all over the place. It’s been toned back heavily for the deluxe edition and I actually think the book suffers because of this. In a Joker story I believe that the colours should fit his personality rather than be mut……

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