Batman: Legacy Volume 2 Review

Batman: Legacy Volume 2 Review

Batman Legacy Graphic Novel Analysis

Batman Legacy Review by Deffinition as part of The Chronological Dark Knight Comic Canon Readthrough

Batman: Legacy Volume 2 Review By Deffinition

Batman: Legacy Volume 1 ended on some devastating Cliffhangers. Tim Drake is at death’s door, Catwoman is in the thick of it and Ra’s Al Ghul is about to take over the world with his new heir, Bane.

There has never been a more dangerous time for The Dark Knight and Legacy: Volume 2 has a lot riding on its shoulders. After waiting half a year for the follow up graphic novel to be released I’m desperate to dive back into the arc and see how all of the storylines conclude before be begin No Man’s Land.

But is it worth YOUR time. That’s what I’m here to answer, throughout my review I will be recapping major plot points so if you wish to go in spoiler free I suggest reading this review after the book itself.

So with that out the way let’s dive into Batman: Legacy Volume 2.

He is Bane
He Is Coming

The book opens with Bane being drafted into The League Of Assassins. This prelude explains how he came to be the heir of Ra’s Al Ghul. I absolutely love when stories dedicate time to developing their villains and seeing the brute grow in wickedness across four issues is an inspired choice.

Falling in love with Talia, Bane becomes more similar to The Dark Knight than ever before and it’s gripping to watch his reign of terror across the world. Nearly besting Ra’s, the villain becomes endearing due to the fact that he came from nothing and nearly accomplished it all. I loved watching him ascend to his new master’s side and the introduction perfectly sets up the showdown that is to come later against Batman.

Batman Beats Bane In Batman Legacy

Ra’s running rampant

As Ra’s rushes to release his killer virus, the Bat-family are hot on his tail. Racing to all corners of the world it’s gripping to see The World’s Greatest Detective go globetrotting and appearances in Paris and Edinburgh bring a level of authenticity to the work. Never before has the danger of the disease been so relatable and I loved watching the team try their best to track down the treacherous tyrant.

Contagion in Calcutta

Working alongside Lady Shiva, Batman travels to Calcutta to stop the launch of the virus. With a touch of James Bond in it’s tone I absolutely loved these chapters and they feel like the world ending climax that is often portrayed in those films.

Finally catching up with Bane, Batman faces off against him for the first time since taking his brutal beating in Knightfall. Watching the two Battle back and forth will really get your heart pumping and the faceoff is by far the standout moment of the saga. I love how Batman fuels all of the pain that he has encountered during his life into this fight and it’s a triumphant moment watching him finally best the one man that beat him.

But it’s not over yet!

‘Know the Wrath Of The Demon’

Ra’s Al Ghul is still at large and as he launches his forces to stop the cure being spread throughout Gotham, the book ends on a somber note. Realising that he is only human, Batman is unable to save everyone from the virus, but the work he has accomplished allows the city to have some respite from the clutches of The Clench.

Stopping the disease from spreading, Bruce realises that sometimes his money is more helpful than his alter ego and he donates millions to the hospitals of Gotham so that they are able to stop the disease in its tracks.

It’s a slightly down trodden ending but one that feels perfect for the Dark Knight. Unable to ever be happy I loved this take and it shows that even when Batman wins, he still loses in some respects.

Batman Legacy Graphic Novel Analysis

The Verdict

Batman: Legacy Volume 2 wraps up a brilliant arc in The Dark Knight’s history. Featuring several landmark moments, it successfully capitalises on the set up provided in its predecessor.

I had a lot of fun with this graphic novel and those who haven’t read it thus far should definitely check it out. Especially with its recent reprinting.

That’s why I’m giving it an…


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