Batman Rebirth Issue #1 Review By Deffinition

Batman Rebirth Issue #1 Review By Deffinition

Batman Rebirth Issue 1 Review By Deffinition as Part Of Graphic Novel Talk

Batman Rebirth Issue 1 Review By Deffinition as Part Of Graphic Novel Talk

Batman Rebirth Issue #1 Review By Deffinition

Batman Rebirth issue #1 has a lot to live up to. Scott Snyder‘s New 52 run was unparalleled. The work he and Greg Capullo produced was unmatched in the rebooted universe in my opinion and they subverted the way that the Dark Knight was viewed for modern comic book audiences.

Tom King is now at the helm of the franchise and whilst I’ve not read any of his work I’ve heard good things.

That’s why I’m really excited to see if he can carry on the consistent level of quality that was set by his predecessor or if he will fall like so many others before him.

So with that out the way let’s dive right in to Batman: Rebirth Issue #1.

For every season turn, turn, turn

The issue primarily centres around Duke Thomas being brought into the Bat Family amidst Batman taking down the Calendar Man.

One of my favourite aspects of The Long Halloween and Dark Victory, it’s nice to see the villain return, even if he is more based in the supernatural as opposed to the psychological.

Reinvented as a man who ages with the seasons and then is reborn in spring anew, he is attempting to destroy Gotham with poisonous spores.

The plot never really amounts to much and unfortunately these Rebirth Issues are far to short to fulfil any substantial arc over their short length. As the start of a new take it unfortunately feels rather weak.

Batman and Duke Thomas Kick a tree similar to year one

Mikel Janin

What I can say on the positive side is that Mikel Janin‘s artwork is stellar. Far surpassing Capullo in my opinion he paints a realistic world for the Caped Crusader, draped in grandeur and a sense of scale. Watching Bruce hang from a Wayne Tower Helipad similar to the skyscraper daredevils that now are rampant across Facebook, to the Rebirth Batcave, everything feels solid, well thought out and crafted to the highest precision. It’s a shame that King couldn’t match his counterpart in this issue as we would have been in for an outstanding introduction to the pair.

The Conclusion

Ending on Duke and Bruce in the Wayne Courtyard kicking a tree (it’s a callback to Year One just incase you think they like to stand around kicking trees). It summarises that whilst the Calendar Man will be back bigger and better and so will Bruce and Duke. Whilst it’s a nice end it didn’t feel me with that triumphant nostalgia that I got with Snyder, knowing that Bruce would be ready, come what may.

And due to that it feels like a disappointment.

The Verdict

Batman: Rebirth #1 is an average entry. For something that is supposed to start off a new arc, introducing a new creative team, I expected more. It’s not bad. Just when you’re coming off the heels of Scott Snyder it’s difficult to not be disappointing.

That’s why I’m giving this a…


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