Batman: Rebirth: Volume 7 Review

Batman: Rebirth: Volume 7 Review

batman volume 7 graphic novel review by deffinition

batman volume 7 graphic novel review by deffinition

The biggest wedding in comic book history is finally here! Batman and Catwoman are due to tie the knot but will this long-anticipated event be a Match Made In Heaven or a Hell Of A Letdown?

Though I’ve enjoyed Tom King’s work on the whole with the Dark Knight, there have been some duds and this has the potential to go either way.

Throughout this review, I’ll be breaking down Volume 7 to let you know if it’s worth picking up.

There will be spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way let’s dive into Batman Volume 7!

The Gift

The first chapter in the book is a Booster Gold centric storyline that sees the character give Bruce the perfect wedding gift, his parents.

Traveling through time he saves them from being murdered so that Bruce can see what life would be like had they lived, though it’s clear that not everything is sunshine and roses.

Those familiar with the Batman Animated Series episode ‘Perchance to dream’ will instantly notice the aesthetic and there are several nods to it as well as a twist that diverts slightly from that, with Bruce choosing to remain in this altered timeline.

It sets up some hilarious circumstances that really make you root for Booster Gold as he tries to use Catwoman to win round Bruce and remember that he has a duty to the world. Gotham crumbles around him and there are some awesome time travel moments that are touched with a hint of humor that really elevates the book.

It’s the perfect way to start the story and it wraps up in an engaging way that highlights the diversity of Tom King’s storytelling in an awesome introduction.

Your Big Day

The second story sees the Joker rampaging through Gotham all in an attempt to be included in the big day. Whilst normally this would involve the cliched attack at the alter, King actually adds some ingenuity to the work that strays far from the stereotypes that you’d expect.

There’s an awesome scene where The Clown Prince Of Crime waits at a hostages house for an invitation which is coupled with an amazing church section that really compliments the book as a whole.

It concludes in an awesome manner and too leaves the graphic novel with another strong endorsement to its inside issues.

batman marries catwoman

The Wedding Album

The final issue of the book centers around the wedding itself and it’s an astonishing read, especially for fans steeped in Comic Lore. Throughout the wedding day (and night) we watch as our two heroes reflect on their lives together and throughout are several pages and panels that have been created by the many infamous Batman artists over the past 85 years. Frank Miller, Tim Sale, Jason Fabok and more all make an appearance and it feels like wedding attendees joining the ceremony.

It’s an incredible issue that is arguably the best in King’s run thus far and it tops off the graphic novel in stellar fashion.

The Verdict

Overall this is an incredible way to end the book and there are so many outstanding pieces throughout this graphic novel that it’s very difficult to find fault…which is exactly why I won’t. This is the perfect wedding for both the Cat and Bat and as a mega DC fan I found it amazing from start to finish.

Overall Volume 7 gets a…


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