Batman Return To Arkham Game Review By Deffinition

Batman Return To Arkham Game Review By Deffinition

Batman Return To Arkham review By Deffinition


Arkham Asylum And Arkham City Remaster Reviews

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Yaaay it’s another batman review yaaay.


Hi everyone, it’s your best mate deffinition, here to bring you my thoughts on the arkham asylum and arkham city remasters that have just come out bundled under the title Return to arkham.


When these first released I always thought asylum was good but slightly overrated and that city was amazing and even before this remaster it was in my top 10 games of all time.


A couple of months ago a graphic comparison trailer got released that compared the ps3 version to the ps4 remaster and there wasn’t much difference, with some side by side shots looking worse on current consoles. That’s been rectified and the games do look better….if…only slightly. This isn’t like the modern warfare master, honestly you could be forgiven for thinking that some of the game was last gen if you hadn’t recently played it.


What they do is to make the game look like you remember it, when the resident evil HD remake dropped, it looked like you remmebred it, even though when you went back and placed the ps4 version side by side with the gamecube one, it was clearly better, return to arkham does more of the same.


To be honest, unless youre a die hard fan or haven’t played these before there isn’t much reason to pick them up. The gameplay mechanics haven’t really been fixed and there still are problems that were present on last gen. It’s like when one of the kardashians gets some more plastic surgery, sure she looks a little better but underneath shes still exactly the same piece of shit that you hate and never want to speak to again. Anyway, the biggest improvement is with City, replaying this reminded me of just how much it was better than arkham knight. The combat is outstanding and at 60 frames a second the game feels a lot faster and enjoyable. This really is one of the best games ever made and you owe it to yourself to pick it up. The combat is still vast and intricate and the extra shine and new character models really help to suck you in. Honestly buying return to arkham is worth it for just this. I can’t wait to go back through and get another platinum on this game, ha, what a loser. Yeah well you’re watching this review so you’re not exactly the fonz mate.


The biggest downside of the new release I think is arkham asylum, whilst it looks a lot better than the original version it still lacks a lot of the gameplay elements that make city the best and it’s a shame that they didn’t retroactively go back and fix some of these problems, it’s also running at 30 fps so it feels a little sluggish, the plot is pretty run of the mill and it isn’t as expansive as city so I just don’t feel like it matches it comparatively. That’s not to say it’s bad, this is still one of the best super hero games ever made and it really makes you feel like Batman, something I dream about every day cos im a dickhead. Ill probably get another platinum on this as it was pretty easy last time…oh…whats that? You didn’t even get a platinum on this? Haa! What a loser, get out of my sight….wait no…come back..I need the views…please like me.


So if you have recently played or bought the last gen versions, there isn’t really much reason to buy these other than they look slightly better, they still are nowhere near the graphic level…sigh…fuck I sound like such a nerd…..that arkham knight was. However, the gameplay in arkham city is the best in the series and I think that you wont be disappointed with that, should you pick it up.


The Verdict

Overall arkham asylum gets a 7/10 from me with arkham city getting a 9.5/10 this really is almost as good as it gets.


This brings the overall package to probably an 8.5/10 so it’s still worth getting if you’re a newbie or looking for an excuse to replay on slightly better hardware.


Overall I’d rank the arkham series as

  1. Arkham City

  2. Arkham Knight

  3. Arkham origins (controversial as fuck I know)

  4. Arkham asylum


Ok so what do you think of the new game? Comment below and let me know, also check out my website at for more reviews.

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