Birds Of Prey: NEW Full Plot Leak Breakdown | F...

Birds Of Prey: NEW Full Plot Leak Breakdown | Full Spoiler Talk & Reaction

birds of prey plot leak breakdown full spoiler talk on the movie

It’s continuing to be a big week for DC fans with the internet now getting new leaks and plot details on the upcoming film: Birds Of Prey.

Throughout this video I’m going to be going over everything we know so far about the DC Movie as well as what could potentially happen in it.

There will be heavy spoilers here and though all leaks like this should be taken with a grain of salt, there are potentially movie ruining reveals so if you don’t want the film spoiled then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into our breakdown of the Birds Of Prey Plot Leaks.

Birds Of Prey Plot Leaks

Ok so this comes from the DCEU Leaks thread on Reddit namely user drfdrf22 who posted quite a substantial leak on the entire movie.

The user said that the movie opens on Cassandra Cain who is poor and lives on the streets. Cain is constantly stealing for her family and after doing it so long she’s pretty good at it. She steals a diamond from a flamboyant underground kingpin black mask (Roman Sionis) who owns multiple businesses and several clubs. Cain is quickly hunted by the villain and she ends up on the run. Eventually she encounters Harley Quinn, who has recently split with the joker and was kicked out of the house.

Harley has a lot of fun with Casandra and they go out and buy food for Harley’s hyena. During all of this Romans, goons are constantly after them and this makes for some big action set pieces.

The Second Act follows Huntress who is an assassin that works for Black Mask. However, on her mission, she learns that Roman is the reason that her family is dead. She goes completely off and turns on Sionis, attempting to kill him. After she fails she too goes on the run.

birds of prey plot leak breakdown full spoiler talk on the movie

Huntress On The Hunt

Huntress still wants to kill black mask and her only shot at doing that is through Cassandra Cain who she knows the villain is after.

Dinah Lance, a retired vigilante and a singer for Roman hears about the diamond and steps out of retirement in order to save Cassandra from the villain. Renee Montoya notices the rise in killings in Gotham and decides to do some work on her own. She knows that the GCPD won’t be able to stop a kingpin as big as Roman and so she takes matters into her own hands. Since Black Canary, huntress, and Renee are all after the same girl, they all come together at some point. Roman gets a mask but it covers only half of his face and the mask itself is an art piece.

BoP is formed and constantly has more of Romans goons after them. Cassandra Cain ends up being retrieved by roman, and the Birds of prey and Renee Montoya have to join together in order to get her back. (This is the reshoots they were doing). Roman is defeated, but is set up for a potential sequel. The ending twist is that the whole fuss about the diamond was that it was actually a gay sex tape that had Romans pics on it.

Other Birds Of Prey Spoilers

The user also posted a list of other notable leaks including:

-The Kill count in this movie is ridiculous. The BoP has no problem killing at all.

-Huntress is very sarcastic. Similar to Jessica Jones. She gets her mask and costume.

-Most of the BoP has worked for Roman or has known him through some other way.

MOST IMPORTANTLY Black Mask kind of runs everything in Gotham. Roman is entirely cold blooded and hows no remorse for anyone. He happily kills women, men and children in the movie all in his quest to retain power.

birds of prey leaked trailer breakdown everything you missed explained

My Reaction

And that’s all of the plot leaks. The user does say that the movie is bonkers and chaotic but that it’s a lot of fun. Now personally if these leaks do turn out to be true I think the movie sounds pretty standard and almost just like a sort of rehash of The Suicide Squad with a new lick of paint. Whilst I did enjoy that film as a guilty pleasure, I’m not sure I’m that open to sitting through another version of it which revolves around tracking down a gay sex tape.

It just seems like a weird plot device and I think that if this is the real storyline of the movie then DC needs to sort out its identity crisis, excuse the pun there comic book fans, and decide what kind of movies they want to make.

We have seen that Joker and the upcoming Batman movies are going off in completely new directions and this kind of seems to be undoing all of that, instead of focusing on some pretty dumb elements. I mean it’s great that we are getting critically acclaimed Joker films but then to constantly be rehasing things that a lot of fans hated such as the Squads outing seems, I dunno, like a waste of time.

Now as always this is purely down to the execution of the film and if the tone is right then this could easily be up there with the rest of the better films in the DC slate. As of now though this hasn’t really got me excited for the movie and if anything I’m kind of thinking that this will be a dud.

It all remains to be seen but personally I would have thought that the company would be focused on their new direction rather than constantly reminding us of some of it’s poorer received films.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and if you disagree with me or not. Let me know if this has made you excited for the film or if you were expecting more.

Comment below as always!

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