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BIRDS OF PREY: Plot Leak Breakdown | Full Movie Summary, Post-Credits Scene And Ending Explained | HEAVY SPOILERS

Birds Of Prey Plot Leak breakdown full spoiler talk review

With Birds Of Prey premiering this week we have a lot of plot leaks on the movie.

Throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down what apparently happens in the movie and it’s ending.

This leak comes directly from Reddit and has been substantiated by a number of sources so it seems pretty legit.

Obviously there will be Heavy Spoilers here so if you don’t want anything potentially ruined about the movie then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of Birds Of Prey!

Birds Of Prey Plot Leak Breakdown

This comes from reddit user Alpha Fox Run who apparently saw the film earlier in the week. We know that DC has had several review screenings and early showings of the film across the globe and the person behind the post apparently attended one of those.

I’m gonna be taking their breakdown and kinda rewording it just to make the sentences flow a bit better and throughout I’ll be giving my thoughts on it. However, if you want to read the summary in it’s entirety then I’ll link it in the description below.

Click here for the Birds Of Prey Plot Leak

Ok so apparently the movie starts with Harley narrating her origin in a cartoon. According to the user the entire movie is narrated by her and I did see this verified by people on twitter who complained about this choice.

Personally I’m not too worried about it as a lot of films I like have narration in and it can work great if applied properly.

In the wake of the ending of Suicide Squad, she has just broken up with joker and is taking it badly. The character is completely alone and has been left to her own devices.

According to the summary, the movie is nonlinear so elements of the film take place in nonchronological order and certain things happen at different times and set up other things that happen earlier in the movie.

Look just bear with me.

Blowing Up Ace Chemicals

Early on Harley annoys Gotham Crime Lord Black Mask by crippling his driver in a fight. She goes on a several day bender and while drunk steals a gas tanker and blows up Ace chemicals as we saw in the trailer.

Somehow Rene Montoya is able to know that Harley did it as her way of getting over the clown prince of crime and everyone in the city apparently jumps to this conclusion.

This makes Black Mask puts a hit out on Harley and slowly mercenaries go after her.

We then cut to Black Canary calling Montoya saying that everyone is after a young girl named Cassandra Cain.

Apparently every time someone is introduced it cuts to their origin story and we learn that Black Canary was a lounge singer at black masks club. After saving Harley from being sexually assaulted, Black Mask makes her his new driver and this kinda ties back to the fight earlier on.

Canary spends most of the movie as his driver informing Montoya from behind the scenes of exactly what is going on and this is where they form their friendship.

Birds Of Prey Plot Leak breakdown full spoiler talk review

Renee Montoya

We then cut to Montoya who is every cop cliche.

She struggles to exceed in work due to the trappings of her gender and no one gives her credit. According to the leak she spends half the movie in a “I shaved my balls for this shirt” and then Harley breaks into the police station wielding a bean bag shotgun

From here we flashback to a time that Harley was being chased by Montoya. Harley gets an egg sandwich which she was craving apparently and after the Chase scene, Montoya catches up to her and knocks the sandwich out of her hand. Harley swears revenge and she escapes from Montoya but is then captured by Black Mask who managed to catch up to her.

Black mask threatens to murder her and she offers to go and get Cassandra Cain for him after hearing that Cassandra stole a rare and valuable diamond from him. Apparently Cassie swallowed this and Black Mask has put a half-million dollar reward out for Cassandra.

We then cut back to the scene from earlier with Harley attacking the police station with a bean bag shotgun.

It’s revealed that Cassie is at the station and this is why Harley is hunting here.

Harley And Cassandra Cain

Harley finally makes it to where Cassandra is held and accidentally releases all the prisoners and they start to run riot. She beats them all up with ballet moves and gymnastics and then chases Cassandra through the police station. They end up in the evidence room when a bunch of mercenaries catch up to them. Harley beats up all the mercenaries effortlessly and then more appear with guns and she fights them as well. Harley takes cover behind a pallet of cocaine and as they are shooting at her this vapourises into the air and she begins breathing it in. Due to the high she’s able to disarm all the gun-wielding opponents and break most of their legs.

She then tricks Cassandra into trusting her and starts teaching her life lessons. After a shopping trip and introducing her to her landlord, Harley takes her to her apartment where they eat cereal. There is a knock on Harley’s door so she runs to the window and someone throws a ball of fireworks into Harley’s apartment blowing it up. In what was supposed to be an emotional scene her pet hyena vanishes dies, so having no clue where he is it falls completely flat.

Harley goes downstairs to find her landlord packing everything up and he tells her that he betrayed her. Realising that it’s everyone for themselves Harley decides to turn in Cassandra.

It’s at this point that we cut to the Huntress’ origin where we learn that she was the daughter of the crime lord that originally owned the diamond that Cassie stole. Her entire family was massacred in front of her but Huntress managed to survive this because one of the goons helped her play dead and then took her out of the country to raise her. She became a trained assassin and has been hunting everyone that was involved in her family’s death.

Flash Backs

Back in the present Harley sets up a meeting with Black Mask in an abandoned amusement park funhouse. Black mask sends canary and his enforcer Zsasz to go get them. According to the summary because Canary is obviously an idiot she leaves her phone where Zsasz can see it and Montoya texts her saying that she will mee them there. Montoya, Black Canary and Zsasz all meet up with Harley. Zsasz tries to get Canary to cut Cassandra open but she refuses to. Everyone fights, and then the huntress kills Zsasz who was a member of the gang who killed her family.

Black Mask arrives with an army and a funhouse fight scene occurs.

The Fun House Fight!

The user states that this is easily the best part of the movie and its one that a lot of people will enjoy when watching the film. They then triumphantly walk out of the funhouse and start getting a barrage of bullets shot at them. Black mask grabs Cassandra and starts to make a getaway. Black Canary uses her canary scream and Harley Quinn who is in roller skates uses that to propel her towards the car. Huntress comes from out of nowhere on her bike to help pool Harley along and then flings Harley towards black masks car, wrecking her bike in the process.

Harley causes Black Mask to wreck his car and he flees with Cassandra to a foggy pier. Harley uses her last bullet and accidentally shoots a statue and Cassandra shows that she pickpocketed the pin off of one of black masks grenades. Harley then throws him over the pier where he explodes with the grenade mid-air.

That defeats the villain and we get an epilogue of sorts that wraps up all of the character’s arcs and shows where things could be heading in the future.

Birds Of Prey Post Credits Scene Breakdown

Birds Of Prey Ending Explained

We learn that Renee quit the force and that Huntress used her money to fund her Montoya and Canary’s new crime-fighting team, aptly called the birds of prey. Harley pawns the diamond for cash and her and Cassandra ride off in the sunset together probably off to go and film suicide squad.

Now we did hear rumors earlier in the week that the post-credits scene was Green Arrow looking for Canary and this got widely reported. I didn’t have anyone to verify it so I didn’t cover it but apparently this scene was made up and Oliver Queen does not appear in the movie.

According to the user, there is no real post-credits scene and Grace Randolph did verify this on twitter so it seems true.

Apparently they do sort of have something to stick around for and this continues the narration of Harley Quinn.

Over the credits, she does a voice-over that says she knows a secret and that is who Batman really is.

That closes the ending on a cliffhanger and who knows if we’ll ever find out who it is.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film and if you’re excited for it.

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