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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Every Ending Explained Analysis | All Outcomes

Bandersnatch good endingBandersnatch good ending

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch now not only gives you the ability to make bad choices for yourself but also someone else now. When watching the show you might feel like Doctor Strange trying to go through every possible scenario in order to find out the best one. So, for those who haven’t got 5 hours to spare in order to work through every version of Stefan’s journey, I decided to break down every possible ending for the new Black Mirror Event. I pieced this together from a breakdown posted online which shows every outcome.

There will, of course, be heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want to know anything then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

But for everyone else, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I ruin it so you don’t have to.

Bandersnatch: Every Ending Explained

The First Ending

The first possible ending comes when Stefan accepts a job at Tuckersoft and is forced to work in a team and rush out his dream. The game receives zero stars from the snazzy critic and forces Stefan to defiantly say ‘I’m starting again.’ This is most likely the ending that the majority of people will come across and it’s a good little one that pretty much informs viewers exactly how the show will work early on.

The Broken Computer

The broken computer ending comes when Stefan has the choice to either yell at his father or pour tea over his computer. People who can’t be bothered to go any further can just tip the tea, destroying the computer and then rekindle the relationship between Stefan and his father which doesn’t involve chopping him to pieces after you murder him which we will get into later.

Bandersnatch every ending explained

The Jump

The next available ending comes when you follow Colin instead of going to therapy. Colin will offer you LSD but either way, this doesn’t really make a difference. If you decide to not take it the character spikes you anyway and discusses the alternative realities that exist before offering you a chance to tell him to jump off the building or to kill yourself. Killing yourself ends the story and Bandersnatch gets finished without the character.


The next available option comes when Stefan is given pills by his therapist. Most viewers probably decided to flush these but those who didn’t will see a flash forward to Christmas where Stefan seems slightly happier. He’s been on medication for months and the game was released on schedule. However, the snazzy critic decides to give it just 2.5 stars after stating that it seems like the creator was on autopilot which is what happened to me when I fell asleep during my third watch through and just let the choices play out themselves.

Another Broken Computer

Those who flush the pills will be given another chance to destroy that computer that I’m sure many will avoid. If they decide to smash it up like you should smash the like button on this video though they’ll be treated to another ending that ends the show pretty abruptly similar to the ending before.

Bandersnatch netflix secret ending

Netflix Ending

One of the best endings you can get is when you choose to tell Stefan that he is actually in a Black Mirror episode on Netflix. Doing so will send the character quite crazy and make him realise that he is being controlled.

Wait, what if we are in a show now that is about controlling someone else on tv and it is actually Netflix that are controlling us?

Anyway, doing this will send the character back to Therapy in which the therapist notes that if this was a TV show then it would be an extremely boring one. She prompts Stefan for some action and this can go either one of two ways. You can either fight her and then your father which leads to you being taken away or you can opt to jump out of the window.

Doing the latter will completely shatter the fourth wall and we get the reveal that Stefan is in fact an actor that is just doing an episode of Black Mirror. The director states that the window wasn’t scripted and a medic gets called due to Stefan’s injury.

Wait, what if we are still in the episode now?


The Murderer Ending

With Stefan now aware that he is in a show, he gets the feeling that someone is driving him to murder his father. Similar to Jerome F Davies, Stefan is pushed to murder his father by us. Several finales end up with Stefan in jail for killing him with some leading to his game being widely received as a 5/5 and others getting it negative reviews. There was a special ending that I got that saw us leap forward and take charge of Colin’s daughter in present day who has been tasked with recreating Bandersnatch. This controversial move is an update on Stefan’s recreation of the book and could ultimately lead to her being a murderer too. However, after she discovers Stefan trapped within the code, reliving his choices, she decides to destroy the computer.

Netflix Black Mirror Bandersnatch Good Ending

The Train Ending

This is arguably the best ending you can get and is slightly similar to the original final scene from the film: The Butterfly effect. In this Stefan goes back in time to when he was a child and manages to retrieve his toy from his father’s safe with the password ‘Toy.’

Stefan is then given the choice to go with his mother or not and if he does then he dies on the train with her too. It turns out that she was always meant to be on that train and that Stefan didn’t actually delay her like he thought. We then flash back to the present to see Stefan die in his therapist’s chair after fixing the biggest mistake of his life.

Your Thoughts

So, what ending did you get and what did you think of the show? Comment below and let me know!

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