Black Mirror: Bandersnatch: Picking Up The Phot...

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch: Picking Up The Photo Twice Secret Ending Explained

black mirror bandersnatch pick up the family photo twice ending explained

Just when Viewers thought that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch had given everything up that it had to offer, Netflix just posted an enigmatic tweet that teases one more hidden ending.

In that tweet they state:

think you’ve seen everything there is to see in Bandersnatch? try picking up the family photo, ~twice~

Naturally, people in their droves wanted to know exactly what happened in this ending so for those who don’t have another spare two hours to retread Stefan’s journey I’ve decided to break it down.

Obviously, there will be spoilers here so if you don’t want to know anything just yet then I highly suggest that you leave now.

black mirror bandersnatch pick up the family photo twice ending explained

But those who go back and pick up the photo again will be treated to a dream scene in which Jerome F Davies appears and forces Stefan to retread his steps and go back to pick up the book. Putting him on the right path. The scene offers more than that with Jerome stabbing Stefan which if you have the volume turned up will make you jump out of your seat.

Jerome F Davies is, of course, the creator of the book Bandersnatch and is someone who killed his wife in a brutal murder due to one of the paths he picked. This is similar to Stefan’s path in which he killed his father.

Netflix jokingly tweeted:

you don’t have to, it’s not like we’re controlling you

Which of course is another nice little in joke on the show.

Overall it’s a cool little easter egg that may not have been worth the retread but it’s nice to know that Bandersnatch still has some secrets in it.

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