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black mirror bandersnatch secret ending nohzdyve qr download code

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is the gift that keeps on giving this Christmas. After offering a unique experience for viewers that comes in the form a choose your own adventure TV show, the programme too gets a bit like Inception with one of its mega secret endings.

Whilst it’s unclear exactly how to trigger it is and no one has any concrete answers just yet, many viewers have encountered it when unpacking one of Bandersnatches’ many endings.

The scene itself seems pretty dull and most people may even think that it’s just a replay of an earlier scene, as often happens in Bandersnatch, but there is more to it. We join Stefan on his bus journey to Tuckersoft Entertainment but instead of pulling out the two music tapes he takes out a Bandersnatch one.

The tape plays a crazy sound that sounds like a cross between the radios from silent hill and an old dial-up modem. Some super savvy fans discovered that the data is actually the same as a tape for a ZX Spectrum computer which is what Stefan designs and plays his fame on. After people ran the code through a Spectrum emulator they were given a QR code.

black mirror bandersnatch secret ending nohzdyve qr download code

Scanning this takes you to the Tuckersoft website which contains info and art for their games. Clicking the sidebar tab that hasĀ Nohzdyve on it allows you to go to a page for the old spectrum game. This page allows users to download a full copy of the game that is free to play till their heart is content or the one controlling us at Netflix decides to tip tea over the computer.

You’ll need a spectrum emulator to play it but it’s such a cool little easter egg that showcases the extent of just how far the creators of the show went with their hidden endings.

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