Black Panther 2 Update: Doctor Doom Will Report...

Black Panther 2 Update: Doctor Doom Will Reportedly Be The Movie’s Villain | Could This Also Introduce The Fantastic Four?

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According to a report that just dropped in the last 24, Charles Murphy has said that according to his inside source, Victor Von Doom will be an antagonist in the upcoming film, Black Panther 2.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the rumors surrounding the film then you’ll know that there were reports that Namor was said to be the film’s villain and whilst this new report doesn’t mention anything about that no longer being the case, it does certainly shift things about.

So apparently Namor will still be in the film in some form or another and though he may initially start out as a villain, throughout the movie he will go on an arc that sees him becoming an ally of T’Challa. This is similar to how the character is often portrayed in comic books with Namor pretty much being an anti-hero at times that often gets put into conflict with the heroes of the Marvel Universe due to his opinions.

Murphy says that in the film Doom is looking to expand his empire which will see him invading parts of Africa, most notably Wakanda. This will indeed put him at odds with BP and if Namor is indeed a villain for the film, I can see him realising that the larger threat is Doom and thus he forms an alliance with Wakanda in order to put an end to the bigger threat.

Now there was mention of an underwater Earthquake in Avengers: Endgame off the coast of Wakanda that could indeed be highlighting that something is going on in the ocean and if this is set up for Namor and then later Doom, I think it would be a great way to go.

The arrival of Doom also heralds the introduction of The Fantastic Four and though there is no confirmation on Marvel’s first family making an appearance in the film, if Doom is there then I think this would be a smart way to bring the character into the universe.

For those who don’t know, Black Panther actually debuted in Fantastic Four 52 back in 1966 so it would be a nice little switch up to have them debut in his film as a way to kinda reference his first appearance.

Murphy states the main inspiration for BP2 will be Black Panther: Doom War which was a book in which Doom tried to invade Wakanda in order to obtain Vibranium which I can definitely see being a logical motive and a cool way to introduce the character into the MCU.

Murphy did say that this is a rumor for now and he has been unable to verify it via a second source, he does say that his source has been right in the past though so as of now just keep your eyes peeled for updates on the story as we go ahead.

black panther 2 doctor doom villain news namor cameo fantastic four mcu first appearance rumors confirmed and marvel update

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